Monday, December 24, 2007

Carolina Crossroads, Part 2

I've been fitting in a little sewing here and there lately and this afternoon I finished part two of Bonnie's mystery. I have the strip sets finished for part 3, but they'll wait til after Christmas to become 9 patches.
I put the ham in a slow oven a little bit ago and have the Korv (Swedish Cooking Sausage) on the stove. The food is ready to pack up tomorrow and take to Steph's and I just put all the Christmas gifts into a couple of big bags to haul up there, too. I think I'm ready! Merry Christmas everyone!
Kevin will drive tomorrow, so we only have to drive home from his house.
It's supposed to be bright and sunny, so a good day for driving, too.
AJ called this morning and wished me a Merry Christmas Eve. He and his mom were getting ready to play "football guys"! LOL
What a precious gift grandchildren are.


Kristie said...

I love your colors that you have chosen. I had planned on doing Bonnie's Mystery, but I haven't even started the first part.
Merry Christmas

Screen Door said...

Merry Christmas Joanne--- enjoy your family..

julieQ said...

Lovely blocks for Bonnie's mystery!! I have started, but not finished part 3. Maybe tomarrow...

Hope you had a marvelous Christmas!!


Kucki68 said...

It's exciting to surf the mystery ring and see all the fun color combinations. Yours will be wonderful, I think.