Friday, November 09, 2007

Back from the Cruise

We got home from the cruise late Sunday night. We had a nice time, in spite of playing tag with Tropical Storm Noel. Noel won on Monday night -- seas were very rough and Bill and I spent the evening in our room trying to ride it out. We did have a window in our stateroom, which helped a lot. Noel also won on Saturday -- we were supposed to stop at Princess Cays island for the day, but the storm got there first and did some damage that they did not have time to clean up, so we spent the day at sea instead. This picture is of Bill and me at Bluebeard's Castle on the island of St. Thomas. St. Thomas is a beautiful island, if you ever get the chance to visit. Picture's not very good -- but that's okay because I didn't lose the weight I wanted to anyway! LOL

I've spent the week trying to catch up. I've been fighting a cold which had me down for the count last night, but today I feel I lot better. I've managed to get the laundry and ironing done, the house cleaned and even spent 2½ hours yesterday cleaning out my pantry. Next week I'll be getting ready for Thanksgiving, which we will be celebrating on the 18th -- I'll be cooking, so busy time right now. However, Stashbusters list is having a virtual retreat this weekend and I'm going to join in! I ordered this portable design wall before we left (Patti at Quilting is my Passion found it on sale at Eleanor Burns' site) and I checked it out and ordered it and it arrived while we were gone. (I just tried to find it on Eleanor Burn's site and it is no where to be found so I assume she sold out of them -- but I did find it in Nancy's Notions catalog awhile back). Anyway, I put it up Monday afternoon, but took it back down on Wednesday so I could clean. I'll put it back up after Thanksgiving. I have the first 15 scrap blocks on it that I'm doing for the basketweave quilt from Bonnie's site . Yesterday I made 30 more blocks -- I had to dig out another container of scraps and strips to give myself more variety. Today I used a lot of them for another 15 blocks, so I have a total of 60 blocks made. I'm going to make 90 and then see if I want it any bigger. I think I'll need to dig out more strips, which is a good thing -- to get even more variety. I hadn't planned on working on just one of the scrap quilts at a time til I finished, but I was on such a roll chain piecing these blocks, that I think I'll keep at it til this one is finished anyway. Then I'll move on to one of the others I have bagged and waiting.
I like the portable design wall -- I don't have to pin batting to the quilt I have hanging on the wall, and it's fairly easy to put up and take down -- it will be great to take to workshops too.

Flannel sheets -- fall has definitely arrived. We had a killing frost while we were gone.
Long phone conversation with Stephanie.
Steph and AJ have bronchitis, but she got into the doctor right away today and hopefully will be on the mend soon -- and AJ feels better than she does to start with.
Phone conversations with both our boys on Monday -- they called us to see how the cruise was. Kevin's call was short because he was at school (he's a teacher). Steve's call was relatively long although he was heading to the airport for a business trip. It's nice staying in touch with the kids.


Screen Door said...

I have missed you!!! so glad you are home...You know, we can't control that weather,but it would be nice if we could. Sounds like you got plenty of quilting plans. Yes, I think winter is just about here, We've had a little snow...I guess it's the sign of things to come...

julieQ said...

Glad you had a good time! Isn't it fun to go to a different climate and place? Your string blocks are shaping up to be fun!


atet said...

Glad you had a great time on your cruise. Love the blocks you're working on and those heartstring qults you've been doing for your guild look fantastic!

Shelina said...

Welcome back Joanne. I hope you have avoided a cold, or at least gotten over it by now.
I hope you have a great early Thanksgiving celebration - I get it is quite a change to go from vacationing to rushing around getting ready cooking and cleaning.

Bingo~Bonnie said...

wow, just as I was searching for a design wall like the one MaryJ shoed a while back I see here you have one too! I'd love to put it on my wish list for Christmas...but not sure if I have the space for it????? ~Bonnie

PS -all your block look good especially that depression square!