Thursday, October 25, 2007

Heartstrings #7

I am really pleased to say that I finished Heartstrings #7 this week and relieved a whole lot of pressure from myself. This one was made with the extra blocks I picked up at guild last Monday night. It is 45" x 54" and will go to one of our members whose husband is a county deputy sheriff to keep in his squad car to be given to whomever needs it. It was so windy out yesterday that I had to take the picture in our library -- the quilt wouldn't stay on the swing!

Opthamologist update: In addition to a cataract in one eye that was removed, a cataract in the other eye that is growing but not ready to be removed, dry macular degeneration which turned to wet, was treated and is back to dry, Bill now has low pressure glaucoma! With the regular glaucoma test, his pressure tests normal, but with the special field test, he does have it. He will now have to have a drop of medicine in each eye every night before bed for the rest of his life. We're still thankful he has any sight at all!
I, on the other hand, have perfectly healthy eyes, no signs of any glaucoma or cataracts or, thankfully, macular degeneration. But, I now have tri-focals! I had no idea I couldn't see the mid-range clearly -- I've been compensating for it forever, plus I've always worn contacts, so didn't check for the mid-range. I ordered new glasses Monday and picked them up yesterday afternoon. So am in the process of getting used to them. I think I'm going to love them. When we get back from the cruise, Bill has to go in for a re-check on the glaucoma, so I'll take my old frames in to have prescription sunglasses made with the tri-focal.

The rest of the time before we leave for the cruise at oh dark thirty Sunday morning, I'll be cleaning house, doing more laundry, taking the dogs to the kennel (I dread this part -- I start missing JR immediately), and packing. I'm starting to get excited about the cruise. They offer a yoga class and a pilates class and I hope to sign up for both. (Weird huh? planning on exercise on vacation?!) I've always wanted to take a yoga class but have never gotten my act together enough to do it. I have tapes at home that I've used, but I think a class will be fun -- same with the pilates class (probably won't be able to move the rest of the cruise after that one!) I may hire the personal trainer too; we'll see..... You know I'll be eating well and having dessert often!

Grandkids: AJ is enrolled in a preschool class two days a week. They do crafts and learn lots of things. Yesterday they painted an ocean and then glued goldfish crackers to it. He told his mom he only ate one of them!
At his Music and Fun class at the YMCA, they played Halloween bingo. Each child was given a little cup with candy corn for the markers. He stuffed a handfull in his mouth right away (how was he to know they weren't for eating?!) Ended up he was the only one that got a Bingo!

Bill still has sight -- and at least glaucoma can be treated. He can still drive during the day, and I drive at night.
AJ -- he's certainly come a long way from 10 weeks premature.
Will -- he's starting to sleep 6 hours at night. I have a feeling he will be following in his brother's footsteps.
Briana -- she had her first band concert (she's in 4th grade and just learning to play the clarinet).


Dawn said...

Wow! Up to 7 string quilts! I'm I"m still chugging away on one like that! But it looks great and putting in a squad car is a great idea! Sorry to hear about all the eye problems. I hope it doesn't get to much worse for him.

cher said...

you may already have left for your cruise-it sounds a total blast! enjoy the classes and the eating-good balance. Love how all the string quilts came out...they are always so much fun to see how they turn out!
and good news on Bill's sight, as you say, what he has is treatable, a very good thing!

Bren said...

Beautiful. I gave you an award.

Niki said...

Love the quilt! LOVE scrappy :)

Hanne said...

Lovely string quilts :-)