Sunday, October 21, 2007

A really productive day

I have no pics, but I sure made some progress today. I finished the outside work in the flower beds -- if I don't get out there any more this year, it's looking better than my usual fall mess, so that's a good thing.
I got Heartstrings #7 pinned on the longarm and made 4 passes on the pantograph. I'm using Hearts a Flutter by Lisa Calle on this one. This quilt is only 45" x 54", so three more passes will finish it nicely and I can probably squeeze those in tomorrow.
Then, while watching the Bears WIN their game against the Eagles, I cleaned out my fabric cabinets. The big one in the clutter room (sewing room) was so messy that I literally forgot I had whole stacks of fabrics. I had started refolding and resorting last year and again at the beginning of this year, but never finished it. Today I finished it. I put more into the Hoosier side cabinets in the kitchen, re-positioned some in the big cabinet, cleaned out the bottom two shelves and actually found another top I forgot I had that needs to be quilted. I'm actually throwing out some batting scraps that are really not worth saving (and I've been known to save every inch). I'm throwing out some old ironing board covers (why on earth did I save them in the first place -- they're really in bad shape?!) I brought the garbage bag down to the basement to sort through some of the batting and other scraps I've been accumulating down here, too.
I put away the stacks of fabric that I pulled out for my Halloween "Midnight Silhouette" quilt -- now they are right where they belong and I can actually see what I need and keep the stacks in the cabinet where they belong.

Tomorrow we have appointments with our eye doctor -- Bill has to have a field test for glaucoma, and I am getting new glasses. I have worn contacts for 41 years and this last pair have given me fits -- smudges every time I put them in. So, I quit wearing them, am back to my glasses and have decided to just go with glasses this time. I have bi-focals and it is probably easier just to leave my glasses on while quilting instead of constantly having to take my reading glasses on and off all the time. I'm going to order prescription sunglasses, too.
This whole week is going to be busy trying to get things done and get things ready for our cruise.

That feeling of accomplishment when the fabric cabinet is clean and you can actually find things in there.
That urge to pull fabrics and start a new project because you can actually see the fabrics now!
The Bears Won!


Carolyn said...

Yeah...your Bears beat my Eagles, but it was an ugly game! Neither team did very well, did they? My DH was at the game and left at the beginning of the 4th quarter. He missed the end and assumed they won. I laughed at him! :o) Congratulations on cleaning up your yard...wanna come do mine?

Sweet P said...

My Patriots beat up on the Dolphins. Does that count? You got a lot done today. It always feels good to sort out and clean up.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

I hear ya on the contacts verses glasses... I have bifocals too, have had them since I was 35, I do wear contacts that have bifocals in them but I must admit I am not seeing near as good as I used to with them... mine and DH's appointments are the end of next month, my eye Dr has to do something to get my vision better! I know she will been using her for over 20 yrs.she is good :O). But I have wondered if I will reach a point I have to go with glasses over the contacts... I wear my glasses a lot anyway, so oh well if I do :O)....

Niki said...

You sure've been busy. Just like me. Weekends are for catching up and making some stash busting progress!

Anonymous said...


Try i4ulenses, credit card size reading glasses. You carry them in your wallet like a credit card.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I hardly EVER wear contacts, although I have them. I love, love, love my ultra-light weight glasses that get darker outside (they won't get dark in the car though because of the UV coating on the windshield). I have HUGE sunglasses that I pop on over my regular glasses if it is too bright if I am driving and always keep a baseball cap handy. DH got progressive bi-focals and the 1st pair was a complete bust - but we brought them back within 1 week and the DR's office admitted that for another $25 we could have gotten a MUCH better lens that people have less trouble with... they made the switch for $25 and DH likes them just fine - he no longer has to drive with reading glasses perched on the tip of his nose to see how fast he is going - this is a GOOD thing! Lots and lots of great options with glasses these days!