Saturday, October 20, 2007

Heartstrings #6

Today was beautiful here in the midwest, so time to do a lot of outside work. First I took down the screens and hauled them into the garage, where Bill and I will put them in the rafters above the vehicles one of these days. Then I washed the windows on the outside and this is not a fun job! We live in a two story log home -- the windows on the second floor get washed by climbing out onto the roof of the porches -- not my favorite thing to do -- maybe next year I'll pay someone to do it for me! I didn't do the inside yet -- first because it takes longer because we have metal grids to make them look like eight over eights or six over sixes and they have to come out and go back in after washing -- kind of a pita. And, I can do the insides anytime. So, spent another 2 hours cleaning up flower beds and cutting back the stuff that is done blooming. Still have about another hour's work out there -- sometime tomorrow afternoon.

So, after my shower, and because I was definitely stiff and sore, I sat and stitched the binding down on Heartstrings #6. I managed to get it put together and quilted this week, and now the label and binding are on. I used a pantograph called Alfresco by Lorien Quilting again on this one. I have #7 top put together, and it is waiting for quilting now. I've felt a bit pressured to get these done because we have our vacation cruise coming up and when we get back we'll be doing family Thanksgiving the day before my next guild meeting, so I needed to get these done now and free up my time. I hate having things hanging over my head with deadlines!

A beautiful day for doing outside chores in preparation for winter.
Finishing Heartstrings #6 - really takes a load off my mind.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I labeled our screens with a Sharpie - every single one was made by a carpenter and every single one is a slightly different size (oh the joys of an old house!), so you have to keep track of what goes where! Little Boy and I plan on planting our tulip bulbs today and I got DH to put hooks along the porch this week to string lights - better to get that done while it is warm instead of freezing! I used to have a window washing business and loved it! Except DH didn't want me up on ladders at 8 months pregnant so that was the end of that because since I've had Little Boy I haven't done windows for hire! My Nana loved clean windows so much and I am just like her in that regard!



Elaine Adair said...

ANOTHER lovely string quilt! Good job. I've made 8, but kept 3, because they really turned out GOOD! Better than expected. Isn't that wonderful when they turn out so nice?