Thursday, September 20, 2007

QFAH Progress

I've had a wonderful quilty day. I squared up yesterday's QFAH blocks and then made these 72 flying geese blocks.
Then I finished the one string block I had started awhile ago and added it to the mix, put the batting back up on my fall quilt and started arranging blocks. My design wall isn't big enough, but I sorted the rest ready to add as I piece it together (7 x 9 blocks). I'm just going with the usual design -- I like it better than last month's and it'll be fine.
Then, I went down to the longarm and started playing. I'm doing a leafy meander in the blocks that don't have a diagonal line on them, and the borders. This is the first time I've ever gotten up the nerve to actually do this on a quilt and although my leaves aren't professional by a long shot, I'm having fun doing it, learning a lot, and so far have been able to get myself out of the corners just fine! This is just my scrappy double four patch quilt and I'm using polyester batting with it.
Stephanie's allergies to ragweed, weeds and cats was confirmed today. And she's not allergic to dogs, just the fact that our dogs run in the woods so probably have been brushing against weeds is the reason she sometimes reacts to them. She's glad she went to an allergist finally.

There was a sale on corned beef the other day, so we're having corned beef and cabbage for dinner -- and yes, I know it's not March, and I'm not Irish anyway! vbg It's great that I could just put the brisket on the stove and let it cook itself all afternoon while I played with my quilting.

Being motivated to exercise.

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Jeanne said...

Lots going on in your sewing area! The QFAH blocks are great and I can't wait to see the whole top. The strips quilt is terrific, too. Have fun with the LA.