Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today I accepted the challenge on one of my lists to work on an ufo or wip this weekend and hopefully, finish one. But first, I've been envious of Jeanne this week because she's started a number of new projects and I'm stuck here in finishing old stuff. So, I pulled this pattern off the bulletin board where I posted it at least a year ago intending to start it way back then. Obviously, never got to it, so today I made one block. I hope to make one every time I sit down to piece anything, but no promises. This quilt has a lot of applique on it, which I love, but I'm not holding my breath in getting to that part any time soon. I hope to finish by next Halloween, or the one after that. vbg I love the designs of Blackbird Designs, but I truly dislike their instructions. And, I'm glad I remembered that and read through them before I started cutting this block. Their instructions called for cutting the black and orange squares 2½" and then sewing on the diagonal line, making 1 hst, and tossing the rest. A lot of waste, and I don't care to make tiny hst's from the waste. So, I cut my squares 2-7/8, stitched on either side of the diagonal, making 2 hst's with virtually no waste. I'm happy with the result, and managed to enjoy making just one block today!

So, on to the next project, which was the QFAH. I spent at least an hour squaring up a gillion 2-3/4" hst's, then put four together to make these pinwheels. I have all 18 pinwheels finished and that's where I stopped for the day.

Then I sewed the Heartstrings top into 7 vertical rows. Next time I'll sew the rows together to finish the top. While I was working on the string blocks, I was also finishing up the blocks for my leader/ender project, which is another Depression Block quilt. I squared up 20 blocks, layed them on the floor to see how they looked and picked them up in rows and pinned them together. When I sew the rows together for the string top, I'll sew these blocks into rows and then it'll only need borders to become another top. (No pics).

And finally, I stitched the binding down on the Floral Double Four Patch quilt (even remembering to add a label). (I took this pic in the late afternoon so it's a bit shady on the porch).

So, all in all, I worked on 5 different quilts today and finished one. And, I may do some more applique work on my Primitive Garden bom this evening -- ya just never know -- I'm on a roll today!

Simple grilled corned beef and swiss cheese sandwiches for dinner.
Starting the new project even though it will quickly become a ufo -- it's fun to start something new now and then. And I usually do finish the things I start -- eventually.
Baby Will weighs 10 lbs. 10 oz and is 22-1/4" tall! Little porker!
AJ is doing really well in pre-school and both AJ and Briana are taking swimming lessons now.


Shelina said...

The advantage to working on wips and ufos is that you are closer to the finish line than the ones who keep starting new projects. Wow, look at how much progress you have made. Your finished quilt looks amazing! I wish I had that kind of skill to do that much applique. Almost all of my applique quilts are UFOs, but I just love them so much.
I like the halloween quilt too - the fabric is so pretty and it is a nice pattern.
Next on my lit is finishing up some UFOs too, although mine are pretty far from completion.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Your Floral Dbl Four Patch quilt is so very pretty!

I too love that Halloween Quilt by Black Bird Designs, I look forward to watching you do it!!

Dawn said...

Wow you did work on a lot of projects! And I love your double 4 patch!

Screen Door said...

I've always loved that quilt pattern--- Got an incredible weakness for pumpkins. I remember swimming lessons. Swimming lessons, riding a bike, and rollblading... I felt like a real parent when my kids had these under their belt--- little did I know....

Carolyn said...

Wow, what a productive day you've had! I love the double four patch quilt!

Mary said...

Good for you for keeping at the UFO's. It's hard to fight temptation when you want to work on something new.

Love the Double 4 patch. One of these days I'll do a scrappy multi colored version.

Susan said...

Wow, you have been busy while I was on the road! I love the fall stars. I don't do the throw-away-pieces, either. I use my Eleanor Burns ruler and it makes enough geese to make one star block, using two different sized squares. Works perfectly every time!

cher said...

boy, 5 different quilt projects-you rock Joanne! and they all look wonderful or sound wonderful-I agree, I have been mixing in a new project as well as working on those pesky ufos!

Chele said...

I came to your blog from Bonnie's newest yahoo group!! And I'm having fun looking at all your projects - just lovely.

I clicked on the floral double four patch and I was blown away. It is simply BEAUTIFUL. The quilting is really, really nice. You did an excellent job!!!! And having UFO's or WIP's means you'll always have something different to work on!!! Would you like to work on mine too? :-)
Chele :-)