Wednesday, September 19, 2007

QFAH or two

Haven't done any stitching since Saturday, so needed to get back at it. These are the string blocks I picked up from guild on Monday night. There were 57 and I added the last 5 leftover from last month so I just need to make one block (well, actually finish the one block I have started). First thing today I squared up all these blocks. I'll finish the last block and then put these on the design wall tomorrow probably.
Then I worked on my QFAH. I have all of the first block finished. I still need to square them all up, but I'll do that tomorrow before I start stitching the next section.
I was hoping to get some longarm time in today -- but it didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow...I've been thinking about what I want to quilt anyway, so it'll give me time to make up my mind.

Going out for dinner tonight (I definitely don't feel like cooking!)
Taking time to make up menus -- when I don't do this I have to wing it and I much prefer making the decision ahead of time and just putting it together.
DSIL Anne is still in the nursing home, but doing well with her therapy.
JR seems to be much better -- no limp or pain, so the pain pills are working.


cher said...

looks like you got a lot done! I am getting ready to start my own bit of piecing..

Screen Door said...

I vote for going out to dinner too!!!!