Friday, September 07, 2007

One finished project

This is the baby quilt for the baby girl to be. It will be the shower gift the end of this month. I showed the back with the Hearts a Flutter pantograph a couple of posts ago. It is finished -- bound, labeled, washed and dried. Just need to wrap it! I also finished the second baby quilt, but can't post a picture of it until after I send it on its way.
Then I worked on the Heartstrings quilt. I have all the blocks sewn into rows and four of the rows sewn together and that's where I stopped for the day. I can tell you I'm a bit tired of working with these string blocks -- getting a bit boring, or else I'm just itching to finish the quilt so I can work on something else! I'm thinking of doing Bonnie's Basketweave quilt, which is actually another string quilt, but a different version. The big plastic bag of scraps is calling my name. I'd like to pull out the strings in the bag for the Basketweave, sort the squares into two inch squares for a four-patch variation, cut the tumbler blocks out of the larger pieces, and then maybe start a broken dishes quilt with the rest. That would be four quilts started that I can add to each time I empty another bag or basket of scraps. That's the plan that is forming in my head anyway -- we'll see how we do after I finish the Heartstrings quilt!
I never did get a chance to practice on the longarm today -- but for sure tomorrow!

A long, "catching up" phone call with Kevin today.
A relatively short "catching up" phone call with Jackie today.
Making some sewing progress today.


Bren said...

Very cute!!!

Mary said...

Very cute!

I'm tired of my Half String Hearts now too but am just partially through assembling the top. I need to just take a day and get it done instead of doing one section and stopping. I love Bonnie's basket-weave quilt too and I have a similar one planned but more along the lines of one in one of the Stack a Deck books.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Sweet! Hearts a flutter looks like a very nice quliting pattern. It is always great to read about your quilting adventures with that machine of yours! I keep thinking I want one so I can finish my quilts myself and not wait, but gosh, you do a great job of presenting the other side of the story. You are doing great.



cher said...

nice baby quilt-I admire you doing all that practicing! looks such fun to tell you the truth. I like your scrappy quilt ideas...they will be fun to see as they grow.

Robin C said...

I just found your blog from a link to another one. You have some wonderful quilts that you have made and what a treasure you have in that treadle machine. Lucky you!

I am a quilter who is not quilting since I got a knitting bug but looking at your blog may just inspire me.

have a wonderful day,

Robin in Virginia

Jeanne said...

Very cute baby quilt!