Thursday, September 06, 2007


We got the Edge Rider Wheels on yesterday (took us 2 hours!). I played with the longarm for a little bit afterwards and thought that it was hard to move -- wasn't really used to it without any play in the movement. Or, I was feeling really weak yesterday because I had no problems with it today -- I love the new wheels! I have so much more control. I set aside an hour this afternoon to practice (I've used a variety of colors of thread and finally settled on white on top and whatever color bobbin I'm trying to use up, which now is red. I need to practice, practice, practice, which I haven't done in a long time. I tried Mary's hearts and certainly don't have them down yet, and then decided to concentrate on what is called peacock feathers because I really like that fill. I need to work on going in different directions (without having to cut across something I've already stitched, vbg), and leaving enough space -- the spacing is as important as the stitching on these fills. I'm just using muslin and some leftover Hobbs 80/20 batting for my sandwich.

I did get one baby quilt bound and labeled today and am working on the second. I need to get these finished and get the Heartstrings quilt pieced, quilted and bound by next week. I'm going to start on Judy's QFAH quilt when these other projects are finished and I'm also going to work on some scrappy things just for fun. I need to work without a deadline and I want to spend some time every day practicing my longarm stitching.

Edge Rider Wheels
The real estate taxes are paid for another year.
Long phone conversation with Steph yesterday.


Bren said...

Oh my goodness!! Is that the peacock feathers in the picture? It is beautiful!

Mary said...

I'm so glad you like the wheels too. I'm convinced they're to make a difference in my quilting! I love peacock feathers too!

Mary said...

I wish there was an easier way to edit here. I meant to say I'm convinced they're GOING to make a difference in my quilting.

Lindah said...

You go, girl! The practice piece is lookin' good!

Susan said...

Oh, interesting! We called that pattern paisley or teardrops. Funny how things change in only a few years! Yep, PPP! I loved old sheets for that.