Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Okay, now I can show a pic of the baby quilt!

This is a double Irish chain quilt made specifically for a young online friend and her baby to be. They are Irish, btw and DK always loved turquoise. The backing is a light turquoise flannel. I am not at all happy with the quilting in the blocks -- I did a "Sleepy Time" stencil with a man in the moon face and a star and I was really wobbly on the moon -- and the harder I tried not to be, the worse it was! Then I decided that I make utility quilts -- not heirlooms, and baby quilts are meant to be thrown on the floor -- they wash just fine! I did make it a bit larger just for that purpose, too.

Today I finished quilting the latest Heartstrings. I'm in the process of hand stitching the binding down, so maybe Friday I'll have a pic of it. Tomorrow I'm going up to see the grandkids -- AJ started preschool today and I can't wait to hear all about it. This is just a two hours a day, two days a week preschool at their church -- but he gets to be a big boy and go to school and he was really looking forward to it. Mommy said she waited til she got back in the car before she teared up!

I have the 2 gal bag of scraps all pressed and partially sorted. I also made up two bags so far. One with the pattern and sizes to cut the squares and half-squares to make a Broken Dishes quilt -- I'm going to use 2-7/8" squares to make 2½" hst's -- so the blocks will be 4" finished. The other is the bag with the tumbler template in it and some fabric already cut with the template. I think I'm going to make another for 16-patch blocks, all alternating light/dark squares, using 2"strips/squares. I've started a couple of Bonnie's Basketweave String blocks, but will wait til I've made a few before I decide for sure if I want to commit to that quilt. After making all these Heartstrings quilts this summer, I'm feeling a little "strung out" (pun intended!). LOL And, I think I start one with just darks/mediums of squares/strips that I'll make into 4-patches to start with and decide later what I'm going to do with them -- I have a lot of pre-cut squares and strips. When I finish sorting all the scraps from this bag, I have another bag, and at least 4 baskets of scraps -- and that doesn't even come close to the end of them -- I have two sets of plastic drawers and a couple of Rubbermaid containers full to overflowing. Which is why I started with the smallest bag first -- scraps breed overnight and it does get to be overwhelming trying to contain the little devils!

Bill's other sister, Anne, is okay after falling in her apartment.
Making progress, in baby steps, on the scraps.
Looking forward to seeing the babies tomorrow.


Susan said...

I love the colors and the look of this baby quilt. It's a great present. The one in the previous message is a bright and happy one, too.

Laurie Ann said...

Oh, that baby quilt is just awesome! It will be loved!

Helen said...

That is a great colour combination for Irish Chain. The navy blue ans white really give it zing.

paula, the quilter said...

I have always liked Irish Chains but have never made one. Nice job. It should be well received.