Friday, September 14, 2007

On the Cutting Edge, or how I spent my day.....

First things first: I finished sewing the binding down on the latest Heartstrings quilt. I tried a different design this time and I'm not all that excited about it. Next time I'll go back to the other way -- I liked it better!

Next is QFAH: These are the fabrics I bought (yes, bought -- it's for a specific person and I don't have enough of the right colors of fabrics in my stash) for the Quilt For An Hour project for September/October.
And here they are all cut up and ready to be pieced together:
And then I tackled the bag of scraps I pressed and had ready to go. This pile is the tumbler blocks (that's the tumbler template in pink on top of the pile). These were cut from the pieces of fabric that were at least 4½" wide. I have enough to start sewing them together as a leader/ender project when my latest l/e is finished, but I plan on cutting a whole lot more of these to make a really scrappy quilt. I didn't take a picture of the final results of my cutting day, but I managed to cut all the bag of scraps I had started with. I have a stack of 3½" squares to go into the drawers for that size; I have a stack of 2-7/8" squares that are now in the large bag with the directions for the broken dishes quilt I want to do (I will be cutting more of these in the future also); I have a stack of 2½" squares and strips to use in making four patches or maybe nine-patches - this quilt is not defined yet, but I put all the pieces in a separate Hefty zippered bag when I do decided; I have a stack of 2" squares and strips which will be used for a four-patch (or 16 patch or maybe 25 patch) quilt -- this one is definitely going to be dark/medium squares alternating with light squares for the 16- or 25- patch. And what was left was strips of less than 2" in width and they are waiting to be added to the basket weave string quilt blocks to see if I like the blocks enough to make the quilt.

All in all -- a very productive day. And the mess has been cleaned up (mostly!).

Yesterday I went up to visit Steph and the boys. AJ seems to have gotten over his jealousy of Will and he's back to being the angel that he normally is. What a sweetheart he was yesterday. And he loves his pre-school. He's also taking swimming lessons on Saturday with Daddy. So, he's busy and loving it. Will is still a cuddler -- loves to be held, hates to be put down, so Grandma spoiled him rotten!

We have the most beautiful grandchildren in the world!
Getting the fabrics sorted and cut -- putting it off for so long is why I have so many different containers of scraps and not a clear idea of what I have available for use.
Midwest weather -- we're supposed to get frost tonight and it'll be 87 degrees on Tuesday!


Mary said...

Oh, I like it Joanne, I haven't seen anyone make a double heart like this. I like the variations but I love the simple red or blue HeartStrings block in our plain setting too.

cher said...

well, I really like this heart design so maybe I will do one that way too down the road-and love how you got so much cutting of scraps done-way to go Joanne! I like how you have plans for so much of them and have your next project all cut out too-and loving on the grands-nothing beats that.