Sunday, August 26, 2007

Darcy got Married!

Way back in October 2005 I posted a picture of a quilt I made for DD's friend, Darcy. Darcy was in a very serious car accident two weeks before her wedding, scheduled for Oct. 15, 2005. After almost two years of recovery and therapy (and it is still not over yet), Darcy and Paul were married yesterday! Steph said she was a beautiful bride and they had a beautiful wedding.

I babysat AJ and Will and spent the night up there. I'm home this afternoon and exhausted! I honestly don't know how Steph does it with a 3½ year old and a 5 week old baby. When I brought Steph home from the hospital, Steve was already 7 years old. The kids got home about 1 am, we talked until 2, Will was up twice in the night (and I'm a light sleeper, so heard him both times), and AJ came in and got me up at 7! I left there at 9 and arrived home about 10:30 and I am definitely ready for a nap!

I hope to get some quilting done with pictures to show for it later this week!

Darcy's recovery and subsequent wedding --- God is good.
AJ can be a really sweet child, when his energy level has run down a bit. vbg
Will is a definite cuddler.


Cheryl said...

I popped back to your 2005 link and the wedding quilt is beautiful.

Dona said...

I remember when Darcy had her accident. How wonderful she is now on the way to full recovery and has married her guy. Best wishes to her.

Bren said...

The quilt is beautiful. What was it your found boring about it? So happy to here Darcy is married. What a long road to recovery. I pray she is back to her 100%.

Mary said...

The quilt is beautiful and how wonderful that after such a long and difficult recovery that the two of them are still together.

I'd be tired running after kids now too but mine were 18 months apart and kept me busy. I know women my age with very young children and I wouldn't want to be them!