Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday Afternoon

This is the quilt I made for DD's friend, Darcy that was in the car accident. She was supposed to be married yesterday -- but that, sadly, has to be postponed indefinitely. As of yesterday, she's slowly coming out of the induced coma, but will require therapy for the tracheotomy, and then therapy in a rehab facility -- still unsure of the extent of her injuries. I designed and made this top this summer, then set it aside because I thought it was too boring! So, I pulled it out and quilted it and gave it to DD last night to give to Darcy.

It's been a really strange week for me -- kinda ruled by Murphy's Law since about Thursday! I'm afraid to touch anything for fear I'll screw it up! LOL So far, I've printed off twice as many pages as I need for a new pattern because the printer keeps messing up. I ran out of paper (who was it that took the last ream of paper and didn't buy more -- oh, wait -- that would be me!), ran out of ink, had to run into Rockford on a Saturday morning (hate to drive in Rockford on the weekends!)for more paper and ink. Fought with my Brother machine trying to finish a ufo -- finally figured out that it changed its own tension setting while I was doing some high-speed quilting - honest! Got three sides of the quilt finished and then realized I hadn't finished frog stitching the top side of the quilt! Gave up completely and started a new day! Came down to the basement this afternoon thinking I need to shred a whole pile of old papers (after seeing an ad in the paper this morning for a nice cross-cut shredder and thinking I might think about buying a new one), and the shredder died - think I burned out the motor! Will definitely be picking up that new one this week!
Spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Bears win! GO BEARS! and frog stitching on the ufo! I'm done for the day -- don't want anything else to go wrong! Tomorrow is quilt guild and planning on being there all day and half the night!
Now I have to go catch up on all the bloggers in the Maverick ring -- I'm a week behind!


Sarah said...

Wish I could have run into Rockford for you! I graduated from Rockford East high school. It has grown so much since then! Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago! Ugh! I need a nap now that I remembered I am so old!

Sarah N

Joanne said...

You're still way young, Sarah!
I graduated from Guilford! Way back before time began.
We moved to Byron about 11 years ago, so I try to only make one trip to Rockford a week -- and definitely not on the weekends -- traffic is crazy nowadays!

Finn said...

Hey, Joanne, good to see you again. I thought maybe you were hibernating...LOL. Sorry to hear all the gremlins are ganging up on'll be better tomorrow I am sure. It's like "the faster I go, the behinder I get". I know the feeling well.
Have a great time at guild.

Dawn said...

Joanne - I love that quilt. Darcey is going to love it. I feel so bad for that young girl. I hope things keep improving for her.

And don't you just hate days like that. I have them every now and then. Ugghhh.

Glad to see some new posts from you and catch up on what your working on.

Joanne said...

Thanks, Dawn! Hopefully today will be a big improvement!