Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another view

This picture was taken yesterday and even more daffies are open today. However, they're going to freeze their tushies off the rest of the week -- we'll be back down into the 30's during the day and the teens at night! Hope spring comes back soon!

Here's another ufo I finished last weekend. Just a table runner I designed a couple of years ago for the fourth of July -- I call it Sparklers. The closeup shows my first attempt at putting feathers on a quilt -- I finally "got it" when I got to the border -- the secret is to SLOW DOWN! My feathers in the border look like fat feathers instead of skinny fingers! I'm having a lot of fun learning anyway.

Today I spent an hour refolding fabric and starting to clean out the big fabric cabinet. I've discovered so far that I have a ton of fqs and smaller fabrics and not much yardage -- at least on the top shelf. I'm refolding anything 1/2 a fq or larger and putting back on the shelf and anything smaller is getting refolded and is going into the scrap bins. I love to do hand applique, so a lot of this smaller stuff has been cut up for applique pieces ;-).


atet said...

Doesn't it seem unfair that spring should just disappear like that? But, hey, this is Illinios -- if you don't like the weather, just wait.

Helen said...

Any project finished is a great project.

Dawn said...

Oh our yard is looking all springy and happy! And yeah for your sparklers finish!

Shelina said...

We're moving from spring back to winter too.

Congratulations on finishing another UFO. I'm proud of you! Your feathers look beautiful.

ForestJane said...

I think the feathers look great! And your daffodils too.

I have iris buds all over the place, I'm hoping they don't freeze tonight.