Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring at the Homestead

This is what early spring looks like in the midwest. The trees on the left are willows, on the right some type of crabapple (they were freebies when we ordered trees through the Soil & Water Conservation district many years ago), and the shrub between them is one of my lilacs. The photo was taken at an angle from the front part of our front yard.

Quilty news: I spent yesterday afternoon quilting on the longarm. I broke 3 needles, so learned how to raise/lower the needle bar and how to time the machine ;-0! The quilt I'm working on has a ton of seams and intersections, so it's forcing me to slow down (which is a good thing) and I don't want to mess it up because I really like the quilt.
I was catching up on my blog reading last evening and was perusing Patti's
very well organized sewing room and decided I needed to get my fabric straightened up once again. I have a beautiful, huge cabinet that Bill made for me (but not to my specifications -- I wanted half the depth). This is a partial picture of it and part of the mess inside. So today, I'll be starting to work on organizing fabric once again. I have rolls of batting stuffed behind the fabric in the front because the cabinet is just too deep for what I want. I also have fabric stuffed in the Hoosier side cabinets in the kitchen, which is right next to this room -- the clutter/sewing room.


Trees budding out

The radishes are up



Screen Door said...

The trees budding out--- we call it the green haze in the woods... I can't wait until it's our turn!!!

anne bebbington said...

You know a cupboard that deep is a bit of a pain really as you can't see or easily get to whatever is at the back of the shelves. It would be a much better design to have the doors with shelves on the back of them so they are half the depth of the closed cupboard but hey I'm no carpenter so there's probably a very sound logistical reason why that wouldn't be possible - good luck with the reorganising

Conni Lu said...

We have two things in common: I live in the midwest also and I also do longarm quilting. Well, I should add that I also need to work on my quilt stash and do some straitening there...
:) Happy Easter