Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's just another day

I have no pictures today -- oh, I have pictures on the laptop that I took last week when the daffies were blooming, but today -- we have slush coming down (it's kind of raining snow and immediately turning to slush when it hits the windshield of the car). Of course I had to drive into Rockford this morning to get a blood test done and I really dislike driving in this mess. No problems, though. I am worried about the lilacs, the daffies, the hyacinths and my bleeding hearts -- they are all exposed to this nasty stuff and may not recover this year.

My rheumatologist put me on a large burst of prednisone starting today -- 40 mgs this morning, so we're waiting for me to go off my rocker, but it hasn't happened yet ;-)! All this just for a lousy finger that won't stop hurting. Dr is afraid to give me a stronger shot of cortisone because there's not much between the bones of the joint and it could permanently damage the skin.

Easter was a great day. The kids were here, we hid plastic Easter eggs for AJ to find and his Aunt Debbie kept him busy all day -- they even went for a walk in the woods and visited the two cows the neighbor has. Weather could be a whole lot better for this time of year, but I guess we'll deal with it like everyone else.

Not much quilty getting done here. I have spent more time working in my fabric cabinet refolding fabric -- I have a serious lack of yardage and an overabundance of fq's or less.
I have a quilt on the longarm, but I need to finish marking the borders before I can do any more quilting on it and well, last week I needed to get some things done in the kitchen so we could eat.
After watching the progress of Melanie on her Primitive Garden bom and loving the blocks she's doing, I finally called the shop and ordered one of the last two cotton kits they had. So, I'm 4 months behind and have started the first one, but I already know I am going to love this bom. I'm having a little bit of a problem because of my sore finger (which is actually why I went to the Dr -- so I could applique/quilt!), so it'll take me a while, but I am going to enjoy every minute of it. Thanks, Mel, for showing your completed blocks -- very inspiring.

Must be the weather -- it just seems to be a down day today. Don't feel like doing much -- have to take Pita to the vet this afternoon for his yearly shots, and mostly just want to take a nap! Guess I'll go do that!

The Dish Network guys fixed the problem yesterday and now we can watch tv without interruptions again.
My Rheumatologist -- he is the most caring and thorough doctor I have ever had.
A safe drive this morning (and hopefully again this afternoon).
Briana is back home after spending the past 5 days with her mother (AJ really misses his big sister when she has to go to her mom's on the weekends).


KCQuilter said...

Hope all your flowers pull through this weather mess!!!

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Won't it be nice when the weather finally warms up for good? Mother Nature sure has been a tease this Spring.