Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring has Sprung again!

The day dawned bright and sunny and it was 70° by noon. So, of course, Bill suggested we open the windows in the bedroom because the grout sealer smell is still lingering. (His idea was just to open the windows -- no screens because "the bugs aren't out yet anyway"!) We compromised -- he took down 3 bedroom window screens, 4 kitchen window screens and one for the clutter room -- the screens are stored in the open attic part of the garage. So, I washed screens and then washed windows on the outside, because most of the screens go on the outside of the windows. The two over the sink are crank out windows, so the screens are installed inside, so I had to wash those windows in and out! vbg It wore me out, but it was nice to be outside in the 70° weather, even with a hefty breeze.

I came in and loaded a quilt (it was downright cold in the basement after being outside!).

This was a kid's quilt/baby quilt I threw together some time ago -- just wanted to use up the border fabric which was given to me. I used the Popcorn pantograph by Jodi Beamish of Willowleaf Studios, which I just bought last week -- I like it's simplicity and lots of curves. After changing thread and getting this one ready to go, the tension was absolutely great -- moral to the story, go back to the beginning and go step by step -- it's a lot faster than spending hours trying to tighten/loosen the top/bobbin! I'll probably be sewing bindings tomorrow. This quilt will go to charity.


The sun and warm weather.

Bill planted radishes today.

Getting the tension right finally.


Screen Door said...

It got up to the lower 60's up here. I wiped the porch down... still too early to do any major spring cleaning, but it won't be long. Someone will love that quilt....

Gail said...

The quilt turned out so well, any child will love it! It made the 80s here today and I so wanted to open windows, but the pollen is bad and I didn't need to let that inside the house.

Carolyn said...

It's a little cool here in NJ to open the windows, but I'll have them open tomorrow! Love the quilt!