Saturday, March 24, 2007

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

Honestly, I haven't! Wednesday I went up and babysat this adorable little monster! He's eating his lunch of Mac & Cheese and smiling for grandma. I just noticed he has that same trait from my side of the family that our eyes very nearly close when we smile!

I've also been working on my spring cleaning -- an hour at a time, 5 days a week and starting with the master bathroom. This morning I sealed the grout in the guarry tile floor -- so the bath is finished and sparkly! Next week I start on the closets in the master bedroom - an hour at a time - don't want to wear myself out! vbg

Quilting wise: I've been having a problem getting the tension just right on the longarm, and today had a problem with thread breaking, so after adjusting, readjusting, tightening top, loosening bobbin, etc, etc. Finally, I got the Maintenance 101 dvd out and put it in the dvd player upstairs. At first, I'd put it on pause, run downstairs, do what they said, run upstairs, etc. - a real pita. Finally got the laptop and put the dvd in it -- problem is the sound wouldn't work. Long story shorter -- I finally got the sound to work on the laptop (yay, me!), and was able to adjust the tension so it looks a lot better (will have to test on the next project to make sure). Changed the needle twice and finally stopped the thread breakage by slowing down -- I always seem to be in a race. All in all, the wallhanging below took two days to do and I need to bind it now. This was a pattern I designed and the fabrics are all from stash as this was the first sample I made up. I'd had the border fabric for probably 8 or 10 years -- loved it, just couldn't figure out what to do with it!


The pains Steph was having on Wednesday seemed to be the stretching of the ligaments, as her doctor's office suggested -- they went away and Wills is still kicking up a storm.

Patience (sometimes have a hard time finding it).


Warm spring weather.


Dawn said...

OH what an adorable picture! I think the tension in a big machine like that would be my worst fear!

gwen said...

When I see the problems I sometimes have with the tension of my domestic machine, I can imagine what it is like on a big machine like yours. The Autumn quilt looks great and the quilting enhances it well. Take care.