Monday, March 26, 2007

The First Daffodil

This was the first bloom this morning and by the time I got out to take the picture later in the morning, there were 4 more! I love daffodils.

This quilt I finished binding today. It was a quick scrappy project I designed to use up the border fabric (seems I design a lot to use up border fabric!). All fabrics were from stash and the border fabric is probably 5 - 8 years old. It's a nice table cover size.

This is a closeup of what I did in the black squares. I had some small cardboard leaf shapes that I traced around and then freehanded echo around those. It was fun and another learning experience. It really is fun to experiment with different techniques on the longarm.


Another beautiful spring day - 80° today.


Getting my chores done so I can bind quilts or just sew.


Dona said...

I've just had my first daffodils come out as well. Very nice freehand on the black. Like the bright colors and do I see some of that veggie fabric. LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice quilt - I especially like the quilted leaves :-)

Fiona said...

The quilted leaves are perfect = lovley quilt.

Sweet P said...

The quilt is beautiful. I especially like the leaf quilting.

YankeeQuilter said...

A very autumnal quilt...good to have it finished for sping! Your leaves came out great. Congrats.

Patti said...

You are becoming proficient very quickly! Looks like you are a natural with your longarm.

Happy Valley Quilter said...

I love daffodils, too. I took a picture of mine just that other day. Now I'm impatiently waiting for my tulips!

I really like the leaf designs in your quilt.

karylsquilts said...

The leaves are Snazzy!