Thursday, February 01, 2007

Playing with Strings

The first one was my attempt to control the strings in color and size -- can you say boring? It would probably make a neat quilt (I was thinking of the Quilts of Valor patriotic colors), but I'd never get it done because it's way too boring and controlled for my taste. The second was just grabbing from the pile of scraps I've dumped on the sewing room floor. Lots more fun. I'm going to suggest the Heartstrings project to my guild as the service project this year and offer to machine quilt them -- it'll be good practice and maybe we'll have more quilts finished that way.

I'm also going to tell them about the QOV project -- but I think that is more of a personal thing. I'm going to make Judy's February Hour a Day project for my QOV project -- so I will probably be buying some red, white and blue fabrics -- but I think this qualifies as a good excuse to buy fabric.


I am blessed and it's time to give back.


Mary said...

I agree, the second set is more interesting! I do like the RWB strings that Melva made but her's are in a less predictable order and there are different size strips.

That's great that you're going to suggest the HeartStrings Quilt Project for your guild's service project. I think the word is getting out! Please share the website address for anyone that wants to see more information - unlike the Yahoo group, they don't need to belong to access it.

Nancy said...

I definately like the scrappy ones better.

Lois R. said...

The red white and blue is fantastic! I love it. But, I agree, an entire quilt looking like that would be boring. What if you made a total of 4 of them and used them as a medallion for a patriotic quilt? Wouldn't that be gorgeous?