Sunday, January 28, 2007

A little bit of everything

That's what I accomplished today, anyway.
I squared up 100+ half square triangles, I played on the longarm, I cut and pressed the 90" wide muslin and have it pinned to the leaders now, and cut the batting, just haven't put that on yet; and then spent some time playing in the scrap bins. I made four heartstrings blocks -- they were fast and fun, although, I need to be more careful lining up that middle red strip. I cut some more red strips and have some more muslin to cut -- these will be fun to do when you don't want to get involved in something else at the moment -- just sit and sew some blocks.
Tomorrow we need to take the car in to have the windshield replaced -- Friday after Bill's carotid ultrasound, we stopped for breakfast, then headed home on what we call "the bypass" -- it's actually Rte 20 and it bypasses the south end of Rockford -- it's a 4 lane. Bill was driving my car and passing a semi-trailer, when the truck hit a bump and snow/ice starting flying off the top of the trailer. Naturally, it headed our way and I was in the passenger seat watching it come at us! The last big chunk hit the top of the windshield and cracked it (I was real surprised it didn't come through -- it was a huge chunk of ice). So, we have an appointment tomorrow to get it replaced first thing in the afternoon. I need to do laundry in the morning, and hope to get the rest of the practice quilt put together on the machine. Just need to lay the batting and float the top. And then I can start playing again!
1. Leftovers for dinner -- no thinking, just reheating. vbg
2. Sewing time.
3. JR at my feet, in front of the little heater we have in the basement.


Joanne said...

I'm testing something here!

Mary said...

Love the blocks - I really need to do something OTHER than a string quilt but started some more blocks today.

I also loaded another quilt of Mom's on the longarm - that's the part that I put off - once they're loaded I finish them up quickly but it's not unusual for me to delay a few days. Have fun playing.

Tazzie said...

Your heartstrings blocks looks just lovely, they're super fun aren't they?

cher said...

well, how fun to join the heart string block making-sounds like a good day of doing so many different quilty things!

Helen said...

I LOVE leftovers for dinner - more time for quilting. I'm gonna try those heartstring blocks - just as soon as I get my sewing area clear of all the junk that has accumulated on it (vbg)!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm out of breath just reading the list of things you got accomplished - way to go! The string blocks look great - they are so fun to do and look good in any colour combo :-)

Linda_J said...

That windshield cracking while you both were in the car sounds pretty scary! Luckily it did not cause you to veer off the road or anything.

Dawn said...

Wow you did do lots of things! And I love your heartstring blocks!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Just catching up after being offline for a bit... glad to hear that your DH is ok after a bit of a scare. Keep sewing - sewing always seems to settle my nerves! And how fun that you are playing with your new longarm.