Thursday, November 23, 2006


Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was grand.
Our plans have changed a number of times this year! Turns out Stephanie's former babysitter offered to take both kids tonight for a sleepover and babysit tomorrow. The kids are really excited about it and I don't have to drive up there tonight and drive home tomorrow night. Good deal all the way around. As it turns out, Bill is really sick today, so I would have had to cancel anyway, so it's really a good deal. I think Bill has food poisoning from our usual Wednesday night restaurant -- he's been sick since 1 am. He's finally able to keep some 7-UP down and I've made some turkey soup -- if nothing else he can have the broth tonight.

Made a major decision today while talking to Stephanie on the phone. They put up two trees today -- one upstairs and one in the basement. I didn't put up any tree last year and very few decorations, but I was inspired by her on the phone, so have dug out about 6 of my Christmas decoration boxes (not including the tree decs!) I'm going to put up our tree this weekend and after I clean house tomorrow, I'll start putting out some of my other decorations -- I miss them and I enjoy them. I know it's a lot of work taking out and putting away, and we don't have Christmas here, so it's only for Bill and I, but that's okay -- I feel like doing it this year!

1. I think Bill has turned the corner and should start feeling better by tomorrow.
2. Steve called yesterday and he's doing better also.
3. Steph has a line on a new job that she is going to explore -- NOT in retail!
4. I found some frames and have one needle punch gift framed and another started, with frame waiting.
5. Family and friends.
6. Our health -- we are grateful that we have had no major health issues this year.

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Sandra said...

Hope you enjoy Christmas with your decorations around you this year. We'll put our tree up on Dec 1st :-)