Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Have EQ6!

Guess where I'll be for the next week! Playing on the computer every chance I get. My copy arrived yesterday afternoon after I left for the lqs and guild! But I installed it last night when I got home -- lots of changes I think, and lots of improvements! Can't wait to play!


Anonymous said...

I got mine yesterday too! Let me know how you like it as I won't be able to install until Friday. :(
On another note, Bloglines has dropped your feed just like they did mine. I hear they are working on it. A lot of the blogs I read seam to have been dropped.

Helen said...

You lucky thing. I have it pre-ordered her in NZ but it is not expected to arrive until December. I don't have EQ5 so it will be a steep learning cureve for me.

Helen in NZ

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your EQ6 :-)
I have ordered an update too, but it take a good while longer, crossing the big pond.

Susan said...

Looks like everyone had it on order the minute it came out. I've seen 4 or 5 postings of happy people who received it this week!