Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas is coming!

I spent most of the day cleaning house. But, while I was doing that, I also was taking down the fall stuff and specifically, the fall quilts. I've put up most of the Christmas/winter quilts, except for one (and that's because I'm using the fall quilt as a design wall right now! vbg).

Anyway -- I did manage to change over our little bath -- this is the bath on the main floor and the sole purpose of having a shower in this bath was so I could make seasonal shower curtains! vbg (Well, maybe not the sole purpose, but pretty close!) I took the fall one down and should have taken a picture first, but forgot. So, here's the Christmas one -- I made it probably 8 or 10 years ago from fabric I bought at Hancock fabrics. This bath is so small and has a pedestal sink and an antique medicine cabinet -- it's easy to decorate and I love it!

I have a guest bed full of fall stuff I've taken down that needs to be put away, plus I did a load of towels, two loads of bath rugs and the second load of quilts just buzzed, so need to go fold and put away! Tomorrow I hope to actually put some Christmas decorations out and maybe by Sunday Bill will feel well enough to bring the tree in from the box in the shed so I can get it decorated! I'm really glad I decided to go ahead and decorate -- it really does make it feel like Christmas is coming!

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