Thursday, September 21, 2006

Quick Update

Looks like blogger is planning an outage, so I'll see if I can get this published. This is the first block for the new 1 hour quilt. The background is the fabric I had and the dark is the fabric I bought to go with it. Color is not very good in the picture, but hopefully you can see that the red/rust matches the cherries or whatever those things are in the background!

Got lots going on this week and have to pick up AJ for two day stay tomorrow, so probably won't be able to get back til Sunday night! Have a good weekend everyone!


Jeanne said...

Nice fabrics -- yes, I can see how nicely they match. I've been puttering with my leaf blocks, but thought I was the only one working on this so far.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Oh, how fun for you that you get AJ for 2 days... enjoy those baby kisses!



quiltpixie said...

those colours really do seem to match even on my computer screen. Way to go!

Hedgehog said...

Love those fabric - can't wait to see your quilt develop!

Dawn said...

Oh what fun fabrics!