Friday, August 04, 2006

No sewing day

Well, didn't get around to sewing today at all. Managed to get the house cleaned, ran to the store, made up a pasta salad to take to DS's tomorrow -- we're having a pool party at Kevin and Deb's -- they have an in-ground pool (but maybe not much longer -- they're talking about filling it in and putting an addition on their house). Anyway, we did this last year -- had the grandkids in the pool and they loved it. Last year I did not get into the pool (actually, I did not get into a swimsuit). This year, I will do both. I hadn't had a suit on in so many years, the ones I had died of dry rot in the drawer. So, I bought a new one at the end of last season and I will actually put it on and get into the pool. It's only our kids and grandkids, so won't be parading around in front of strangers anyway! LOL

I did manage to write a little in my quilt journal -- still need to add some pictures -- I rarely print off digital pictures, so will have to make a new habit there. I also got my journal out and started writing in it too. While I was getting it off the shelf, I found my "The Simple Living Guide" book by Janet Luhrs. I bought this book a couple of years ago because I signed up to take a class from B&N online, I think. I never did read the book, and didn't even keep up with the class -- best laid plans and all that. Anyway -- read the introduction this afternoon and think I'll read a bit of it to see what's what. I'll let ya know....

I've spent some time the past couple of days reading blogs -- I find it very hard to keep up with every one I want to read -- there's way too many interesting people in this world and if I spend all my time reading their blogs, I won't be able to quilt at all. I don't always take the time to comment either, so I tried to make a point this time to comment.

Take care everyone, until I see you again -- maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday! Have a great weekend!


quiltpixie said...

hope you enjoy the swimming. And just think, it'll give you soething to journal about :-)

jpquilter said...

hi there - just found your blog and I was wondering about your quilt journal. I just put a note on my blog about wanting to begin one and was curious about the way you have yours set up-you could check out my blog or email me at
thanks -- Juliann

Susan said...

I hope your pool party was great. I always love that kind of get together with family and/or friends.