Thursday, August 03, 2006

Baby Quilt #2 Progress

I made 24 blocks today (made one the other day) for a total of 25. The crib size calls for another row of 5, but I rather like the 5 x 5 size, so it'll be a nice sized baby quilt. The pattern is called "Jacks" from P.S. I Love You Two by Smith and Milligan (Possibilities). The pinwheels are actually prairie points. I've made this quilt twice before (and I dislike making the same quilt more than once), but it really is impressive looking when it's finished -- and I only make it for very special babies - for friends and family. I hope to work on it some more tomorrow.

I also took a picture of the pattern by Blackbird Designs I was talking about a day or two ago: (It's hanging on my bulletin board above my sewing machines -- which happens to be quite messy at the moment). I really like this pattern, so I really want to finish my "have to make" quilts and get started on it.


1. Bill is much better today after having a bad night and day yesterday -- something akin to an allergic reaction, but at 1 am after being asleep for 2 hours -- really weird.

2. The rain showers cooled the air and took the humidity -- even turned off the A/C today.

3. Making progress in the sewing room -- it sure feels good.


Patti said...

I bought that pattern too. I was very surprised by you comment on their directions. (I hope that was you - if not I'm so sorry for mixing you up with someone else.) They do assume one knows how to quilt, but otherwise I find their directions pretty good. It's another primitive designer that drives me nuts - I won't print her name here in public. I adore her stuff but her patterns and directions are really poorly written - and that's being kind!

Libby said...

What a sweet quilt. I'm glad you pointed out the pinwheels are prairie points. That is a great idea. I like the 5x5 row set up. Lately it seems like I have been making more square quilts lately.

The Calico Cat said...

I am sure the baby will love that pinwheels quilt - the do love those prairie points to put the fingers in or to chew on... :o)

Do you use satin binding?

Mary said...

I've seen this pattern but decided quilting around those pinwheels would be a pain. Your version is very cute.

Susan said...

Both of the baby quilts are wonderful. Lucky babies!

Judy said...

Really cute pattern!! I love almost everything the Blackbird ladies design these days!!

Ama said...

I have a very similar UFO on the go with prairie points as pinwheels. I had temporarily misplaced the directions so it got put aside a year ago. I found the directions this past weekend and now I can't wait to get at it again now that I have seen yours.