Sunday, August 06, 2006

August No-Buy Challenge is

down the tubes!
I have all but the top and bottom strips of the last border done on the "Jacks" baby quilt. I have the prairie points made and the borders cut to size, just need to put them together. So, now I need to buy some more baby flannel to back this quilt with. So, I give -- I lost...uncle! I'm going back to my original resolution of not buying stash enhancing fabric, but trying to stick to backings, borders, background, etc. I do want to use up some of the old stash this year, and have done so, but still need to do a lot more!
I have one more baby quilt to make after I finish Jacks -- and I think I know what pattern I'm going to do, but need to work it up in EQ tonight. I will have to buy background for this one, too, and flannel for the backing. Should be able to use a lot of the brights I bought for the other baby quilts for some of the blocks.
I have to take my car in to have the power steering line fixed -- LubePros said it was loose and leaking, so I have an appointment at 8 am at the dealers. I'll probably just bring a book along to read while I wait, but I've been making a shopping list out so I can combine errands on one trip to town. None of the stores open til 10 though, so I may be sitting in my car in some parking lot for awhile! vbg

We had a ball at the pool party yesterday. AJ (2½) wore a one-piece suit that had pockets in the front and back that you slid little inflatable pillows into. What a wonderful invention. He loves the water, but can't swim yet and the suit kept him afloat easily. Kevin's pool is an inground one -- big. AJ was jumping off the side into his "Unca" Steve's arms, or mom & dad's. Briana, 8, is learning to swim -- she had little water wings, but she did quite well without them. Steve & Kim are planning on giving them a subscription to the Y for Christmas so they both can learn to swim well. I even went into the water -- been years since I've been swimming. It was wonderful actually -- but boy was I sore this morning -- obviously used muscles that I don't use in quilting. vbg Food was excellent and I think a good time was had by all.


quiltpixie said...

shopping with a list, and for specifc purpose is a step in the right direciton of getting the stash under control, so to that extent the challenge is alive and well. Its also you're buying "backing, border and background" which I thought were excluded???

Vicky said...

No, you're still safe on your Depression challenge! Emergencies don't count! We're so easy, remember?


Patti said...

That really seems like it shouldn't count. It was a purchase to finish a specific project that had a deadline. It didn't go into your stash. Works for me!

Judy said...

I think they planned for these emergencies. Adjust to your own goals and you will do fine!

McIrish Annie said...

my son learned to swim at the Y. gives a mom and dad a little piece of mind knowing they can handle themselves in the water. glad you had a fun pool party!!

Hanne said...

Planned purchases to finish a quilt does not count in my book. Lovely quilt BTW :-)

quilting1 said...

I really enjoy reading your posts and I like the fact that your list gratitudes.
You seem so much like myself and it is really neat to read about others and see we all struggle with the same problems, quick dinners, etc.
Keep posting.
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