Wednesday, July 26, 2006


No pics today, but I have been productive!
I managed to wash, dry and iron the fabric I bought yesterday. And then I cut it all up. So far, I have cut all the fabrics for the Christmas present wallhanging I'm planning, most of the fabrics for the baby quilt that needs to be done by Sept 15 for the baby shower (I need to pick up a few bright FQ's on Saturday when I can get them for 15% off!), most of the fabrics for Briana's Christmas present -- a twin size quilt, (see above on the FQ's!).
Then, I finished sewing down the binding on Tulip Farm and decided to unsew the borders that I don't like and redo them -- the middle of the quilt is fine, but the borders are not done well and I can do better and I like the quilt so I will fix it!
Then I spent the rest of the afternoon tracing templates for two of the above projects which have some and a lot of applique on them.

Then I walked out into the wet, hot air and got the mail out of the box - whew, it is humid! And, in the mail was an invitation to great nephew's baby shower/picnic. Two cousins (nephew and his cousin) are due to have baby girls on the same day in September, so the picnic will be a double family picnic and shower -- it'll be great fun, but now I need to finish the 16-patch quilt I started this week, so I'll have to decide what to put on the front and pick up any fabric for that and the flannel backing on Saturday, too.
BTW - Saturday is the meeting for my BOM at the same shop Dawn just got back from their annual Farm Fest. On meeting days we get a discount on fabrics -- I think it's 15%, but it could be only 10% -- either way, a discount is a discount and I'm waiting to buy the fabrics I will need until then!

So, that pretty much is my day in a nutshell!


quiltpixie said...

sounds like you've been very productive in the preparation stages for some sewing in the days to come. :-)

McIrish Annie said...

Whewww!!! i'm exhausted just reading what you did. I love productive days like these. Now if you could throw one my way.. can't remember having one in a while. quilt til you wilt!!! and that's not hard to do in this weather LOL!!

Hanne said...

You have really been productive :-)

ForestJane said...

My ex used to whine and complain that it was just stupid to buy new fabric then hack it up into little pieces, only to spend hours sewing them back together again.

Naturally, he didn't last too long!