Thursday, July 27, 2006

A cute little puppy dog

I mailed this little block last week to a young mother who just had her 3rd baby -- a boy. She's on a couple of the quilting lists I'm on and some of us made a block for her to put into a quilt for her new baby. It was just a little fun 6½" block and only took a couple of hours to make, from finding the pattern to embroidering the features. Nice to take a break every now and then and do something just for fun.

Today I managed to get the 16 patch together and decided to applique some pink hearts and blue or yellow stars and call it a quilt top. I'll back it with baby flannel and should have it finished next week. Baby quilt #1 done! I also made some prairie point windmills for baby quilt #2. This will be a quilt from PS I love you 2 book by the Possibilities ladies (these senior moments are really annoying!). I'm going to make the backgrounds light blue and the windmills will be brights -- blues, greens, purples, yellows, etc. I've made a couple of these quilts and they are labor intensive, but they look like it too, so very impressive. This one will be a crib size, which is larger than I usually make. I'll take some pictures when I get a few blocks done.

I hope to get a couple of the applique blocks ready for Briana's twin quilt tomorrow so I have something to work on at night. Then when I have Baby quilt #2 finished I can work on hers til it's done. Planning, all takes planning!


1. I talked to Steve on the phone today...a very nice conversation. (It's nice when your kids call you!)

2. Getting my "to do" list done and everything crossed off.

3. Spending less time on the computer, but enjoying it more (smile).

4. It's too hot and humid to work in the yard, so I'm "forced" to play in the sewing room.


Linda_J said...

Joanne, that is an adorable little puppy. May I ask the pattern source?

Screen Door said...

I love the puppy. There's a lot of young Moms in our church. I want to start quilting little things for them more...

quiltpixie said...

cute little applique. Love the blue ears

Laurie said...

Your block is too cute! I'm sure it'll be a great little quilt for the new baby!