Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunflowers Revisited

I finally picked up the old sunflower ufo tablerunner, quilted it and finished sewing the binding down last night while watching the last 4 episodes of "24" - the first season. Borrowed the DVD's from Stephanie and now am hooked! Love that Keifer Sutherland -- he's as good an actor as his father. Anyway -- another quilt for the gift box and another ufo bites the dust.

I also finished quilting Tulip Farm on the handiquilter yesterday -- am not happy at all with the quilting I did, but time to put it to bed. I squared up and sewed the binding on today -- hopefully will get it stitched down this week. I still like the quilt and hopefully the quilting won't show too much :-}! I'm keeping it anyway.

It feels good to get back in the sewing room and actually do something besides hand applique. Although, I picked out two patterns I want to make for Christmas presents and they both have applique on them (vbg). I cut some fabrics for them today, but will need to buy some more -- one will be a twin size quilt for my DGD and of course, it'll have to be pink and I don't have enough suitable fabrics in pink.

This afternoon I pulled out a bunch of two-patches I had made extras of when throwing together a baby quilt last year. I mindlessly stitched them into 16 patches and will stitch them together and make another baby quilt -- not totally designed yet, no less! These are all lights/pastels and 2½"squares. I have set the 16 patches 4 by 4 and will add borders to bring it to 36" - 40", but I want to add something to the top -- maybe a quick applique of a duck or something. This will be a quilt for my great nephew's new baby girl due in September.
Then I need to decide what quilt to make for my best friend's son's baby boy due in October/November. And then I have another one to make for my son's best friend's new baby due November 1 -- but I can't remember whether it's a girl or a boy. We'll see. Lots of baby quilts to make and I really want to start and finish the twin bed quilt for Briana for Christmas.

1. Fresh green beans from the garden for dinner tonight.
2. Getting something accomplished in the sewing room.
3. Having breakfast with my brother and sister in law yesterday.
4. My daylilies are breathtaking this year -- it's been a good year.
5. Catching up with friends.


Screen Door said...

I'm a '24' addict too. Life will never be the makes you think twice about how terrorism starts. Sounds like you've had fun sewing this wekend. Hopefully, I'll have green beans this weekend.

dot said...

I have never watched 24 and really don't plan to. I think the less tv I get hooked on the better. I love the way this quilt turned out. Keep up the good work.

Shelina said...

I like that sunflower quilt - those dark and the light yellows really work well with each other.

You've got lots of baby quilts to make. I do that too - give quilts for babies. I tell people if they want a quilt from me, they have to have a baby. No more full size quilts as gifts from me!

quiltpixie said...

your sunflowers are bright and cheery, and it sounds like you're making a dint in the UFo pile, Congrats!

Laurie said...

Sometimes finished has to be good enough!

SewUniqueCreationsQuilting said...

Love the sunflowers! I think I'm in love with your home also! It looks beautiful, always wanted a log home! I'm in Joliet, IL so keep us all posted of any quilt shows or retreats that you might have in your area! I love to travel!

Dona said...

Love the sunflower table topper. Reminds me of trips across the heartland and seeing all the sunflower fields.

Judy said...

Very pretty Sunflowers!!

How do you like your Handiquilter?? It's one of the ones I had seriously thought about purchasing. I'd love your thoughts.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Wow - lots of baby quilts! But do your DGD's twin sized first - there is nothing like a child opening a present on Christmas morning! Babies can wait - they don't know any better!