Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday Afternoon

I took a break from appliqueing the borders on the double four patch and instead put together my buck-a-block block. We have one more block to go, but I found out when I picked up this last block that most of the quilters have already done all the blocks -- they just looked at the final block and put it together without the directions -- we have plenty of strips leftover anyway. I thought this was somehow cheating -- I don't know, kinda like defeating the whole purpose of a block of the month! But, I decided I might as well join the cheaters! vbg. I made two blocks today and put them together with the 9 blocks I already had together and the one block that was waiting. I had the sashing ready to go and the borders and binding fabric already cut, so it was a simple job of putting it all together. The first picture shows the finished top -- it's about 40 x 50. The second picture is a closeup of the fabrics -- I love the border print! Now all I need to do is quilt it before Christmas and I'll have a new Christmas quilt to decorate with.

I also cut out the rest of the flowers to applique to the last two borders on the Double four patch when I finished the Buck a Block top.

Took JR to the vet yesterday -- he's fine and will continue on the phenobarbital without any changes. So, tomorrow I get to pick up six months supply of pheno and a years supply for both dogs of heartworm meds -- the bill will be in excess of $250 I'm sure.

We're meeting friends for dinner tonight (our usual Wednesday night gig!). Tomorrow we're meeting some other friends for breakfast, and then Bill will head home to mow while I go on to meet Stephanie and AJ at the mall. She's back to work this week and tomorrow is her day off. I'll have to give up a day of quilting, but family is worth it, don'tcha think?!

1. Air Conditioning (it's heading back up to the 90's this week and Humid!
2. Filling up the calendar with friends and family.
3. My Bernina -- it's so nice to just sit and sew and I know I can count on her to be ready when I am!
4. Accomplishing something in the sewing room and tidying up after myself afterwards.


quiltpixie said...

I too love the border fabric for you buck a block. The blocks themselves are pretty, though not my thing with only two colours in each, but together it does make a very cheery Christmas quilt.

Screen Door said...

Nice work on the quilt. You know we hesitate on spending money on quilts, but I never think twice about spending it on my pup. There's never been a day when he wasn't glad to see me. I'm sure yours is the same.

Cathi said...

Looks like a productive day today and lots of good things planned for the week. Never worry about spending money on those you love :-)

Shelina said...

I'm doing the buck a block thing too. But they give you a different fabric every month. We started in April so have a few more blocks to go. And I haven't started making it - just going every month to collect my buck's worth. :) I haven't decided it I want to follow the pattern, or make something else with the fabric.

Tazzie said...

That is a lovely quilt, and I love the border fabric too. Well done!

Barbara said...

What a nice quilt. It will look great for christmas!

Laurie Ann said...

Good job on the finish!!