Friday, July 14, 2006

A little bit of quilting

I managed to finish block #3 of the oak leaf quilt last night. I spent most of yesterday eating -- well, that's what it felt like anyway! Met friends for breakfast, then met Steph and AJ at the mall, so after letting AJ play in the play area awhile, we had to go eat lunch, of course. Did a little shopping and back to the play area. By the time they went home and I headed to Sam's and the vet's, I was exhausted. (Oh, and the vet's bill was $392 -- I just about dropped my teeth. That was for heartworm pills for two dogs for 12 months each, 6 months worth of phenobarbital for JR, and an $80 charge to draw blood and test it for levels of phenobarb.) Guess who won't be buying fabric this month. vbg

Today after cleaning the house, I pulled the beets from the garden (mind you -- there are only two of us and we didn't plant many beets or anything else -- still it took me 2½ hours to cook them and freeze 8 quarts and make a batch of Swedish Pickled Beets and clean up the rather large mess I made of my kitchen!) This was all time I had planned to spend sewing today -- I hate how having to do a few things cuts into my sewing time! It never cuts into cleaning time. vbg

Anyway -- did manage to applique 4 flowers down on the dbl 4 patch borders and have the rest on one border pinned to sew down tonight. I'm not going to start another Oak Leaf block til these borders are finished and on the quilt -- hopefully by the end of the weekend.


1. I'm grateful we didn't plant any more beets than we did!

2. I'm grateful JR isn't having any more seizures, but I sure think the prescription bill for dogs is outrageous.

3. It was wonderful to play with AJ yesterday. He is such a card.


quiltpixie said...

lol at your gratitude for refarined from planting more beets. Hope you love borscht!

Screen Door said...

As much as I love fabric and quilting--I still think the vet bills were the better choice... where would we be without our puppies!?!?! A quilt just won't wag its tail at you...

Karen said...

Yum, beets are so delicious. Looked up your first and second oak leaf blocks; they are all very pretty, love the plaids.

Finn said...

Hi Joanne, a really pretty oak leaf block..*VBS*
Sorry about JR and the vet bill. I know allllll about it. Medications for the furry guys are just as outrageous as they are for us. It seems anymore you almost can't be a senior, especially a single one, and even afford a pet. And of course we'd be the prefect people to adopt the aging dogs and cats, but you have to take what meds will be needed into consideration. It's very sad I think.
You'll be loving those beets when the snow is on the ground. But they are my least favorite thing to freeze or can, I must the taste tho..*VBS* Hugs, Finn