Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hi Ann!

Had guild meeting last night and a friend told me she reads my blog all the time, but never sees herself mentioned at all. I told her I never see any comments from her either! So, here we are -- Hi Ann! I signed up for a workshop Ann is giving next month -- wool penny rugs. I'm looking forward to it as a change of pace from quilting.

Thanks for all the great comments on my Double 4patch quilt. I do like it, but it'll have to wait it's turn in the quilting que. Oh -- and I revamped the web page (hopefully, correctly) that I posted the directions for the Double 4 Patch on: http://home.oglecom.com/porchrocker/page4.default.htm

On the way to guild yesterday, we stopped at one of my favorite quilt shops (it's not actually on the way, but it's generally in that direction, and then another 30 minutes beyond! vbg). I confess I bought some fabric -- about 15 yards altogether -- all $2 a yard! Can you say, great backing fabric, boys and girls?! This shop is called Sew Many Antiques and is in Pearl City, IL. Jill and Vicky carry all my favorite fabrics -- Moda - the Kansas Troubles line, Sandy Gervais' lines -- all the warm country colors I love. So, I think I do well when I only buy backing fabrics.
And I always come away from the store inspired to go home and quilt.

Today is errand running day, so I best get to it. 'Bye, Ann!


quiltpixie said...

at $2/yd it would have been criminal to pass it by.... :-)

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the link and directions to do the double 4 patch. It sure is a nice looking quilt - especially with the colors you used and that wonderful border.

I think I got a bargain when I find fabric at $6.00 a yard. Wow - $2.00 a yard is a dream come true.

ForestJane said...

You sound like me... just happening to stop by and see some fabric, 'on the way' lol

You got a nice price though!

Shelina said...

I wish I could shop where you shop. $2 / yard for quilt shop fabric is definitely a steal.
Thank you for the directions for the quilt. I've printed them out, and will have to make it one of these days.