Monday, June 05, 2006

What I'm Working On

Basically -- what I'm working on is a mess!

This is my "design wall" -- it consists of a large quilt hanging from a nice quilt hanger in the clutter room. On top of it is pinned the other "ugly" sunflower table runner that I just need to sammich and quilt; a sunflower wallhanging in the process of being designed -- it's folk art, which means I can't draw a lick! It's mostly going to be hand appliqued. Then there's that block that Linda showed on her blog that I like and am doing leaders and enders to make a few more of and the main attraction is a Double 4 Patch I'm working on done with my collection of flowered prints. I needed to do something with that stack of fabrics and that block just jumped out and grabbed me and said, please, please, use me.

Anyway -- I'll get to each and every one of these projects sometime during the summer -- maybe even in time to change the quilt they're all hanging on!


1. Strawberries fresh from the garden, still warm from the sun.

2. Doing the second round of weeding -- lots less weeds if I keep after them.

3. These amazing computers -- think how much they've opened up the world of quilting.

4. Running to the store without makeup on and not running into anyone I know!


Judy said...

That "whatever" block Linda made is addictive isn't it? I made one too and now it sits on my design board WAITING for me to make more! It's such a happy pretty block!!

Love everything else too. It's going to look great!

Norma said...

I love that you are working on more than one project at once. You are a quilter after my own heart! I too can not stay focused just on one project. I get many on the go at the same time as well!

Nancy said...

Ooh, I do like that double 4-patch and may have to steal that idea from you. I like the way you have the small light squares running thru the print blocks and the print squares running thru the light blocks. This would be a good use for some of the strips in my scrap bins.

Finn said...

Love the improv design wall Joanne...and actually love seeing it all mixed up together like that.

The double 4 patch is just my kind of quilt block...I'm still get sucked in but an interesting looking block like the one Linda J showed..LOL..I see that you do also.
Isn't life good??? Hugs, finn

ForestJane said...

I thought before I started reading that it WAS one whole, new quilt hanging up... and I was thinking how maverick you were to mix all those colors and styles together... lol

Dawn said...

Your double 4-patch looks great. And it the mix of quilts and blocks does make you do a double take when you have a small computer screen! I had to take a second look! :)