Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Patriotic Quilts

Finally got some of my patriotic quilts out as Jeanne did. She had hers out by Memorial Day -- I'm a little slower -- but at least they're up by Flag Day! A few years ago I made flag quilts every year for 3 or 4 years. So here's one of them:
Once again I snapped the picture inside where the lighting is not that great for pictures. I gave my daughter-in-law one of my red, white and blue quilts, so guess I'll have to get busy and make some more -- especially scrappy ones -- be a great way to use up some stash, too.

1. Got all the things crossed off my to-do list today.
2. Went to the visitation for a friend of DH's today (instead of high mass tomorrow). Carl had not been well for a while, but died unexpectedly, which was a blessing as he would not recover from his illness and is no longer suffering.
3. Talked to both Bill's sisters and my brother's wife in the last two days -- nice to make the connections and vow to not let so much time pass between calls.
4. Dinner with friends.


Hanne said...

Lovely flag quilt. Your collection of quilts in progress should give you something to chose from any day :-)

Finn said...

Great little quilt Joanne, and yes, you do need one for you..*VBS*

I would have to confess to having only made 3 Americana type quilts. DD#1 has one, one I kept, and one isn't quilted as yet..sound familiar??

Laura said...

Sweet little wuilt Joanne!

Dawn said...

Love your flag quilt! That is a fun fast design!

Mary said...

The flag quilts are great - it's funny how traditions seem to develop. I make an autumn quilt each year.