Friday, June 09, 2006

Another Flag Quilt

This is one of the first flag quilts I made. I "think" it's from the book, Fast Fun and Fabulous or something like that. Back in the early to mid 90's. I liked it -- still do actually. It's hanging at the bottom of the basement steps for now -- my other spots upstairs are not wide enough for it!

I had one of those productive/unproductive days. Didn't feel like walking on the treadmill, so did some crunches and some squats and leg lifts and curls and let it go with that. Then checked mail on the computer. Then went up for coffee and the newspaper. By this time, Bill has gone out to mow. I look like the Wreck of the Hespers (my mom always said that -- have never looked up what it meant - vbg!). Anyway, knock on the door and it's the girlfriend of the farmer that rents our land. She admires the house (and probably thought I looked like an old hag!), and brings our rent check -- which her procrastinating boyfriend should have gotten to us two months ago - vbg -- but we know him pretty well, and he's already planted corn, so if he expected to harvest it, we knew he'd pay sooner or later! Anyway -- she left, I finished the paper, had breakfast,put the ingredients together for a loaf of bread and threw it in the breadmaker, back to the basement to vacuum, clean the bathroom and wet swiffer the tile floors. Then Bill headed out to get the cylinder on his tractor welded, and I went out and weeded the 1st flower bed for the second time and spread 15 bags of mulch on it (still need more, but we're temporarily out!). Back in to finally shower, write the check to pay estimated taxes and fill in deposit slip for farm rent check; run to post office (and please tell me why I have to pay taxes and in addition, have to pay for return/receipt/certify to make sure they get where they are supposed to because I can't trust the postal service to do it!); stop at bank in the grocery store, and pick up 5 lb bag of whole wheat flour and the brand new quilt magazine, Quilters Home. Bill brings in the mail and of course there's another check that needs to be deposited -- the next time I go to town.

I had all these big plans of playing in the sewing room today and it never happened at all. But I did get a few things done that I needed to; also got the paperwork stuff all caught up and synchronized three calendars I keep!


1. Bill showed up to haul the last 5 bags of mulch for me -- they are really heavy!

2. Got my new "calendar" plan all thought out and started up. I've always been a list maker and calendar user, but now I've got the calendars down here and in the kitchen and in my purse synchronized with all appointments, etc., plus birthdates of family and friends and notes when to buy cards and when to mail cards. Also, notes when to call extended family -- I'll do it if I make an appointment, otherwise, it's always "been meaning to" which ends up being long stretches of time.

3. Called old friends (one of those been meaning to calls) last night and made a breakfast date with them for next week. It'll be great to catch up.

4. The rain held off til the front yard was mowed and the weeding was done today.

5. Memories of Mom.


ForestJane said...

I really like both your flag quilts! Nice to hang this time of year especially. :)

Laurie said...

Great quilts!!! Love gratitude #5 as well!!

Sharon said...

Sounds like around here - mulch and all! I only have about 6 more bags to do, and I've decided that if I get them done this summer, then it's a successful one! LOL! Love this patriotic quilt!

Tracey said...

*Whew* You got a lot done!! Now that you got all of that cleared away...YOU CAN QUILT!! :o)

Laurie Ann said...

Busy day! I am tired after just reading your post! :) Hope you had a quilty weekend.

Finn said...

Another really pretty quilt JoAnne...I like this pattern a lot! Thanks for sharing with us..*VBS*

Dawn said...

Oh this is a fun patriotic quilt! I do love it!