Monday, June 12, 2006


Because the camera is always in the basement and the quilts are all upstairs, you get to see an oldie but goodie today.
I took a class from Nancy Lee Chong at Quilt University at least 3 years ago, to make this Celtic Tablerunner. It is all hand appliqued, using bias cut fabric, not the bias tape stuff. I've taken a number of classes from Nancy and have learned a ton and enjoyed every class.
I wish I lived in the Pacific Northwest sometimes because I love taking classes from her - she's really a great teacher.
This quilt currently resides with my son and his Irish wife! (Oh yeah, and it's hanging on batting that is hanging on my french doors with sunshine pouring in -- the show-through is the panes of the door!)

1. Finishing all the to-do list today.
2. I'm tired, but it's an "accomplished something" tired!
3. Talking to Stephanie on the phone today.
4. Looking forward to meeting friends for breakfast in the morning.
5. JR sleeping at my feet.


Dona said...

JT...Great wallhanging. I've taken the same class from Nancy as well as a couple others. She's a great teacher and lots of fun. She teaches classes at one of the LQS's about 25 miles from me.

Laurie said...

That is really neat! I have taken a class at Quilt University with Jan Krentz on the Lone was AMAZING! It is such a talent to be able to teach via the computer!

Serena said...

Pretty...that took a little time with all the hand applique!