Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flag Day

It's Flag Day in the United States. Hope everyone is flying their flag -- we do, everyday.
Here's two more of my flag quilts.

No quilting going on here at the moment, but for sure tomorrow!

1. I'm an American citizen, born and raised.
2. Renewed my committment to my weight loss, yet again.
3. Finished my to-do list today.
4. Phone conversation with my brother.


Laurie said...

Great quilts Joanne! Thanks for reminding me it was Flag day...darn, we don't have a's too windy here and it rips the flag holder off the garage. I am proud to be an American though!

ForestJane said...

Very nice quilts!

I especially like the different shades in the top one... did you tea dye any of those or just look for lots of fat quarters?

Hanne said...

Belated Happy Flag Day :-)

Dawn said...

You always have the best fun quilts! Happy Flag Day (ok a day late on my part!)

Finn said...

I really like both of them JoAnne...and kind of especially the second one..LOL
It's fun to have quilts for the holidays..*VBS* Even the little holidays

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great flag quilts! I am hoping to make a quilt this winter based on the Arcadian flag (Canadian), but we also live under the Canadian maple leaf, the Austrian red, white and red and the US flag too - maybe I should just make a flag sampler!