Sunday, April 30, 2006

End of April

I'm pretty sure I've posted this picture before, but I needed to look at it again -- it's still my favorite!

I've been in a bit of a blue funk lately and not sure exactly why. Haven't been sewing much --- reached the point of being caught up with "have-to" projects and have worked on lots of ufo's this year and quite a few scrappy quilts, and just haven't been in the mood to sew much for the past few weeks -- and that is really odd for me -- usually after a week, my hands are itchin' to stitch.

Maybe it's the fact that Bill's 80th birthday is coming up soon and I didn't plan a big celebration. We're leaving this week for Branson and when we get back I'll only have about 5 days to get something together. We will celebrate with our family, of course, along with Mother's Day and our DDIL's birthday, but nothing really special for Bill.

Maybe it's because the kids are going to court for full custody of our dear granddaughter, Briana, who lives with them and her "mother" is having a conniption fit -- even though she has never complied with the original parental agreement in order to claim custody of this child. I know we have to leave it in the hands of a judge who hopefully will look at the benefits for the child, but it's still on the mind and in the heart until he rules -- and the first court date isn't til June.

Maybe it's the strange weather we've been having, still. Although, I should certainly be used to the changes in the midwestern weather -- I've lived here all my life! And spring has arrived -- the tulips are blooming now and most of the trees are at least budding. The redbud is in bloom -- and the redbud is my favorite tree! We got an inch and a half of rain last night -- and enough wind to steal the Windy City title from Chicago.

Well, I know for one thing, if I don't bring any applique project with me on our trip, for sure the stitchin' itch will be back! We're going to Branson to meet up with a group of Navy guys, and their wives, that all served in the same squadron during WWII in the South Pacific (and Bill is the youngest vet there!). This really is an amazing group -- we try to get together twice a year and go different places (last spring was San Antonio, last fall was Las Vegas). I have trouble keeping up with them and some of these people are well into their 90's! They have everything planned for this trip, but I'm pretty sure I can squeeze in a trip to the quilt shop!

Taking a look back over this month: I managed to only buy background fabrics this month and didn't do too bad on that. I finished another ufo (Argyle Sox) and gave it to my friend for her birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday, Deb!) I even managed to finish Tulip Farm top -- but not the quilt yet. I started yet another diet, but this time I really feel motivated, so maybe I can accomplish it -- 1 pound a week is the goal.


1. I'm grateful for that sweet baby AJ in the picture. I haven't seen him or his sister since her birthday party almost two weeks ago and miss them terribly.

2. The rain we got last night, with more to come.

3. The wind -- the newly leaved trees are dancing in the wind today like they are showing off their new spring finery.

4. JR, who warms my lap every evening, and stole a place on the bed last night during the storm!

5. Long phone conversations with my daughter.


dot said...

Sounds like you need to be covered in prayer.

Finn said...

Sending some hugs your way Joanne, and it's windy enough up here in WI that they are coming AIRMAIL..just watch for them and catch them as they go by *VBS

I've had the sewing "blues" too, so to speak, just no real motivation to get busy at anything. Have played with a couple of new block ideas again, but just trying them out.
Mostly I'm in the doldrums also. Weird weather, family stuff, my many reasons but not one excuse..right? Hugs my friend, Finn

Ann said...

Joanne, will be sending prayers your way...and also to the judge who will decide the fate of your precious granddaughter, that he will make the right choice!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Aw Joanne, it sounds like you have alot on your plate right now - no wonder you haven't felt like sewing. I am hoping that things smooth out soon and you will be feeling better about things in the near future. Thank goodness for both sides of the coin - your gratitudes are nice.



Serena said...

Sounds like you have alot going on in your life right now!! :( Hopefully your itch to stitch will return soon!

Sharon said...

I like to look at times such as these as "regenerative" time. So much on your plate and so much has been done - your mind and heart are just taking a quiet little break for themselves.

And your gratitudes keep you in the here and now, smiling. Love to you.

Laurie said...

Gosh, I hope you get the itch to stitch back soon. Sorry to here about your funk. HUGS FOR YOU!
PS(have fun in branson)

YankeeQuilter said...

It is ok to take some time to reflect now and again. I hope all goes well with the reunion. My dad was a PBY pilot during the war and always loved getting together with his buddies and telling stories!

Dona said...

Somedays you need to just settle in with a good book and take some ME time. Hope you get out of the funk soon. AJ is such a little sweetheart, I remember when he was just a wee mite. Enjoy your trip and I love your gratitudes, they always make me smile. Keeping good thoughts the judge makes the correct decission for your DD and DSIL.

Hanne said...

It sounds like you have a very full plate at the moment. Enjoy a sewing break, treat yourself to quiet moments with your favourite hot beverage, light a candle, maybe some soft music. I am sending you strong thoughts !

Dawn said...

No wonder that is your favorite picture! It is wonderful! Hope things perk up for you soon!