Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Saturday in Spring

I've been among the missing this week -- had the tough job of playing with the grandson on Easter, then on Tuesday we had a birthday party for his big sister (8) at Chuck E. Cheese's. Let me tell you how fast you learn how old you really are when you spend a couple hours with all those kids at Chuck E. Cheese's! vbg
And I bought myself a laptop on Tuesday afternoon, so spent the rest of the week here and there trying to get it filled up! I think I'm about there now. First things after MS Office was EQ, of course!

Here's a couple more pictures of the tulips that just popped open yesterday and some more of the different daffodils that are blooming now. We've really had beautiful weather here this week.
And, now that I am caught up on all the "have to" quilts, I've taken a couple of weeks off to do some spring cleaning and just relaxing -- needed to regroup! And, it felt good to not do any sewing for awhile -- sometimes we just need to take a break! So, now I've had my break and I started a project I've had kitted and bagged, just waiting for hand applique. Finished the first block today: This pattern is from Fons and Porter, called, simply "Oak Leaf". I collected tons of brushed cotton fqs for a long time before I finally cut into them. This project is another ufo and stash duster!


1. The trees are beginning to leaf out.

2. Freshly mowed grass (today for the first time this season).

3. Fresh cut and home grown asparagus - fabulous!

4. Grandchildren.


Hanne said...

Spring is springing so much more in your part of the world than in mine - and I am envious - yes indeed :-) Very nice block too !

Serena said...

The plaids look nice in the block you created! Beautiful spring flowers!!

JudyL said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Glad to see someone else loads EQ as soon as they get a new computer.

Judy L.

Nines said...

Chuck E. Cheese's makes everybody over 10 feel old. I like that block- reminds me of Dawn. Enjoy your spring cleaning and regrouping! Wish I had some of that asparagus! Yummy!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Don't you just love spring when the flowers start coming up everywhere! Your oak leaf reel looks great - I like the colors.

Enjoy your new laptop - I love mine! So portable.

And, you are a good grandma to brave Chuck-E-Cheese!



Judy said...

I have loved that pattern for as long as I owned the book. I drool over it every time I open their book. I just don't know if I could ever collect enough plains to make it worth doing, although I already have quite a stash.

Vicky said...

I love that applique block - might have to try to find that one!

I've enjoyed seeing your flowers. Bulb flowers are my favorite. I guess it's the anticipation of watching them grow and flower.

Sharon said...

And our daffies are all gone, now! The daisie and the peonies are ready to pop!

Your beds look so nice and weed-free, too!

Linda_J said...

The plantings are wonderful--we only have one azalea left to enjoy at the present time here in AL. I'll be up in IL in early May so I'll get to enjoy some of the plants all over again, I hope.

Laurie said...

Great pics of the flowers!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

Wow, your block is beautiful, but man o man - those white daffodils are GORGEOUS!

Patti said...

Thanks for the flower pictures - I love spring flowers so much! The Oak and Reel block looks great - that one's been on my list to do for some time. I love the picture of theirs in their book.