Saturday, October 22, 2005

Labor Day Madness, once again!

I've been playing all day! Labor Day Madness is now a top. It's about 48" x 58" and I ran out of the fabric I was using for the rectangles, so that's as large as it's going to get. I have some very dark purple that I also used in some of the blocks that I think will make a nice 2" inner border and then I have a lot of leftover half-square triangles that I think I will leave as HST's and march them around the purple for a scrappy outer border. I'm pleased with the top so far -- it's a little brighter than the picture shows.
Next project will be to make the pinwheel quilt with the leftover blocks from this one. If I can get them both finished, I'll have Christmas gifts for two of my kids -- bonus!


Finn said...

I love it Joanne ! Turned out really neat, and I like the finishing ideas also.

A friend called me yesterday to help her pin a king size quilt into the basting frame, so didn't get a chance to start mine..but hopefully today during football, tomorrow at the latest.

Love your colors !!

Carolyn said...

Joanne, it's beautiful! I love how scrappy it is and I think the borders will look wonderful. Great quilt!

Joanne said...

Thanks, Carolyn. I'm rethinking the borders -- I can't figure out how wide the inner border has to be to get the outer border to fit! Some days my brain won't work at all!

Scrapmaker said...

About the border, you could use the half square triangles on just part of it with solid (or applique) areas in between. If you space them out right, it will all look deliberate and not like you couldn't figure out the math.

OR, get someone with EQ 5 to help you figure it out. I am math impaired, too... Great quilt, love the vibrance! Jen

Dawn said...

Joanne! It is awesome! I love it! I'm so glad you got it together! Your daughter is going to love it!