Saturday, October 29, 2005

Indian Summer

Saturday in the midwest, mid-60's temps and time to get some things done! Yesterday I took all the screens down and washed the windows on the outside -- I hate washing windows, but might as well do them all at once and not drag it out!
Today, I swept the front porch, weeded the flower beds next to the porch and garage and emptied 10 bags of mulch into them.

Then, went around to the back, swept the back porch and then hauled in loads and loads of black dirt from across the lane to the beds in front of the porch. Had to clean out the frosted impatiens first and then filled in the beds -- this job should have been done a few years ago, no less!

DH put the screens away in the space above the garage, then blew the leaves out of the garage and drive and then ran the mower to mulch the leaves in the front and back -- this will be done numerous times before the snow flies!
Even though my back was aching, I took myself down by the road to clean up some flower beds.

This is a bed of hybrid lilies that was covered in weeds (we're in the midst of a drought -- down 12 inches of rainfall this year -- the only thing that did well were weeds!). Thankfully, the mulch is deep, which helps in pulling weeds! Still have a lot to do, but feeling good that I got this much done today!

Well, blogger is being tempermental again -- so will try to upload some pictures later or tomorrow!

Did manage to finish the Labor Day Madness top -- ended up with just one plain border. Have almost finished the Pinwheel blocks quilt, too, so will get those pictures up tomorrow, hopefully.

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Finn said...

Great job Joanne...! Everything looks really nice. Been missing you..*VBS* Glad you're back.