Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Came downstairs today and into the kitchen to start the coffee, sunlight streaming through the kitchen windows and reflecting off the hardwood floors showing the lovely white dog hairs and the dust bunnies collecting next to the island in the kitchen. I just love the sight, NOT! So, spent a few hours cleaning house and getting back into the routine after a long weekend.

The fall scrappy was calling my name, so pinned a batting on the big quilt hanging in the clutter room -- which is also my sewing room and arranged the pieces on the batt. Searched for more black fabric to make the quilt larger, but alas, only have enough to cut the borders, so back to the smaller size for now.
Then, DD called with some unsettling news about our step-grandson who is 9, that his mother has decided she wants her new husband to adopt him, even though our DSIL has been raising him since he was 4 months old.
Anyway -- ever try to quilt when you have other things on your mind? I sewed the blocks of the fall quilt into rows, pressed and laid them out on the batt. As I was sewing I was telling myself, "you should have squared these 9 patches up", but I went ahead and sewed them to the black blocks anyway! And I don't like it, so now I will spend my time frog stitching the seams, squaring up the blocks and redoing it! I wish I'd listen to myself sometimes!
Tomorrow I will be heading up to DD's to babysit AJ, our 18 month old grandson, so will take the fall blocks up and frog stitch while he's napping. Probably take a hand-applique project that I have a deadline on too. (Promised DD's best friend I'd make a quilt for her mother -- that has birdhouses and cardinals on it -- don't know why I promise these things -- I'd rather make a scrappy one that I want to make -- not one to someone else's specifications! Someday, I'll learn!)

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