Friday, September 09, 2005


I have a this age of computers, why is there more paperwork now than ever before? I thought computers were going to save us from paper......I'm drowning over here!
LOL - Enough of my whine.
I plodded through the bill paying and the tax filing and the shredding and now I am ready to sew!
I've already checked out what everyone's doing today and Dawn at Quilts and Pieces has a new quilt in the making -- it's a great strings quilt. I have a question though, can you make a strings quilt without the paper or muslin backing? I made one once with muslin backing, but I'm thinking you could just sew the strings together, press and square to size. Would that work, I wonder? Guess I'll have to try it for myself to see.
Today's project though is testing a new pattern, then squaring up the fall scrappy blocks and stitching them together -- hope by Sunday I'll have a tablecover made. I think I can sew the rest of the weekend, so will be checking Bonnie's site again for a good scrap quilt to start for the Katrina survivors -- probably need to check the ufo drawer for one that just needs quilting, too.
So, that's the plan! Ever moving onward and upward!


Dawn said...

I would think you could if you square up the block after you sew all the strings. But if you get small strings it might get hard. Interesting thought though! Hmmmm, good thought - especially in this case I'm not making straight lines. some of the pieces get thinner along the strip. I bet Bonnie would have more expierence with this than me.

Finn said...

Hi Joanne, what you asked about works fine if you are using the strings or scraps in a square problem. I'm not sure if it would be as stable if you used them on the diagonal without a foundation. I know from reading, that Bonnie uses the deli paper sometimes for the smaller string blocks.
If you scroll back in her blog archives, she did a lovely little pink string quilt last month, using tiny pieces on the deli paper.

I make mile a minute blocks using up bits and pieces(no foundation) together much like a crazy patch. I square them to 6.5" and then use them as any other quilt block. I'd say give it a try and see if the diagonal is a problem without foundation.
Thanks for your lovely support over at Pieces..I think we are kindred spirits.