Monday, September 26, 2005

Sunflower Surprise

Last week I had a rant about my friend who buys good fabric for backings and how it drives me crazy because I use old fabrics, ugly fabrics, or piece my backings. Finn rightly pointed out that we are all different in our quilting pursuits.

I happen to love sunflowers. I mentioned this to that same friend a year or two ago. Saturday she gave me this quilt! It is all machine appliqued. She said she wanted to learn how to machine applique, so spent her time learning on this quilt for me. She's been working on it since last November. The workmanship is superb and I absolutely love this quilt. It is hanging in my kitchen on the front wall where I can look at it every day.
And the thing is....I would not have bought this pattern and attempted this quilt at all -- too many little pieces, too fussy, not sure my skills are up to it, etc! I am not the precise quilter she is -- we are all different in our quilting pursuits! I will treasure this quilt always.


Dawn said...

Oh it is wonderful! My first thought though was - Oh all those pieces! But it sure does make it real looking! It is wonderful!

And I hate to tell you, if the quilt is special to me I'll buy good fabric for the back! - don't hate me! But I LOVE fabric so much there are some fabrics that just say - leave me in a whole big piece on the back!


Sarah said...

Joanne -

I love the sunflower. Will your friend adopt me and make me one too?

Sarah N.

Joanne said...

LOL, Dawn! I'm not the quilt police -- I just sound like them when I'm in my know-it-all mood!
Another friend and I discussed the fact that we don't use beautiful fabric on the back because we don't want to waste it!

Finn said...

Hi Joanne, that is one special friend. And hugs,hugs,hugs if what I said sounded critical..I didn't mean it to. Sometimes it seems to me that the only way to be left to do things WE want to do, is if we let others do THEIR things, their way. Maybe she has insecurities, or maybe she just wants it ALL to be beautiful and perfect. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much work for me...LOL. So happy you have the beautiful quilt in your home to love and remember your friend. You just keep doin' your own thing..*G*G*G*G* Me too !

Tracey said...

That is a *beautiful* quilt! Wow. I agree with the other looks real!

Scrapmaker said...

A lovely gift! Sunflowers are on of my favorites too. Jen