Monday, September 26, 2005

Nickel Squares

These were taken at the Nickel Squares workshop I went to on Saturday. Lady holding the quilt is Pat Speth, Author of the Nickel Squares books and instructor, of course. She's holding a scrap quilt she made with leftover strips cut from 5 inch squares she used in another project. She sewed the strips together as leaders and enders!
The other picture is the one block I made at the workshop and some of the partial blocks I chain pieced -- my brain was too foggy from this miserable cold to do much of anything -- but I did enjoy the workshop. After all -- it was scrap overload -- everyone's quilt blocks were different! One quilter had been saving up red, white and black fabrics forever and decided to do her quilt with only those fabrics -- she had about 4 blocks done and they were fabulous -- wish I'd remembered to take a picture! Maybe I'll get a picture when she finishes the quilt.


Dawn said...

I"m so jealous! That class looks like so much fun! Her scrap quilt is just too fun! Bonnie will love it!

Carolyn said...

Both of your star quilts are beautiful, I especially love the fall one. Fall colors just sing to me! You must have a very special friendship for your friend to have made and parted with that sunflower quilt. What a treasure!

Finn said...

I love the yellow star..I'm sure the others will be equally spectacular !! And fun to make..*VBS*