Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No stars today

Been busy cleaning house and doing all those boring things that need to be done every now and then today, so didn't dig out any star quilts to post. It'll be on my priority list tomorrow!
I did manage to get an hour in on the hand applique of my DD's friend's mother's quilt! LOL Only have the leaves to finish on 4 blocks and then I can put it together, quilt it and get it off my mind.
I hope to get busy on the Labor Day Madness quilt from Pat Speth's workshop this past Saturday - it'll be fun to start chain piecing those blocks. I want to make them really scrappy with lots of color in them.
A friend at guild brought some of the scrappy quilts she's made with the 5 inch squares and also some she's done with smaller scraps. She's been stitching the "extra" half square triangles together (the ones from when you do a connector corner or sew and flip corner and move over 1/2" and sew another seam so you automatically have a small hst). She's got a great ocean waves quilt started just from these triangles. She said she's been saving scraps that she cuts into the biggest size squares/rectangles she can for years -- I sent her over to Bonnie's site to give her some more ideas on what scrap sizes work well together and just to show her all the possibilities Bonnie has come up with!
Well, off to finish printing some work out and then heading up the stairs to relapse in the recliner!


Scrapmaker said...

I have both of Pat Speth's Nickel Quilt books, and she doesn't waste a thing! They are lovely, scrappy quilts. I hope you will share a picture of your quilt when you finish it. Jen

Finn said...

Hi JoAnne, ya know, life if like that..gotta shovel the snow to have the path clear for friends and fun...*S* You've had alot going on since last Friday, give your self a hug and a pat on the back. My goodness, with DH having the fall and surgery, it amazes me how much you still get done.
Just think how much fun those scrap will be when the rest is taken care of..*S*