Monday, September 26, 2005

Star Quilts

Good Monday afternoon! I'm slowly getting organized around here -- doing laundry, had to run to the store & bank, and take some pictures which I'm hopefully going to upload now!
These first two are just two of my star quilts. The blue and yellow stars was a mystery quilt designed by Beth Ferrier umpteen years ago. Used to do a lot of online mystery quilts -- hardly ever do them now! The one on the right is my Fall Star Trip. Colors don't show well in the picture, but it's browns, reds, greens, golds -- it's one of my favorite fall quilts.

So there's a couple of my star quilts, Finn!


Sarah said...

Joanne -

I love both of your star quilts. Blue and yellow together are two of my favorite colors. The fall colors one if beautiful - I wish I could snuggle up and take a nap under it right now!


Scrapmaker said...

What beautiful quilts! Jen

Finn said...

Oh Joanne..sorry I've been missing in action lately..have been playing "catch up" from being gone.
I love, love, love the star quilts you posted, especially the first one. Great contrast !
With all you have going on I didn't expect you'd find time for star're a trooper!!
Also, love your nickle squares quilt beginnings. I really like that star pattern. I had just ear marked that one in a book of 8" blocks to use in making a remembrance quilt for a friend who's husband had died. She sent me several of his plaid cotton shirts and I found a nice soft blue for background. Now to get to the cutting and sewing. You've inspired me again !! Thanks..hugs, Finn